Today, I'm Thankful...

For a sport rediscovered...

New addition to the Zync family, meet Billy!
I've always labeled billiards too boring for my personality, hence I never really tried playing. I was wrong. A good coach (hello, Sweets!), and some fun buddies were all I needed to get me hooked!

For friends who just know me too well...

Physician's Formula's Organic mineral veil and Steve Madden "bubuyog" shades from my good friend, Grace.
When will you go wrong, Ms. G? =)

And a little something that brightens a rainy day...

Horse Necklace from World Trade Bazaar 2009

Not to mention a couple of Mango tees from my brother, and tons of chocolates from Dubai, Australia and KSA that came rushing my doorstep this weekend. Toothache LOVE!
How was your weekend? Would love to hear your sunshines!
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. Thanks for the text and comment, BFF! You're right, what I lost was so small compared to the blessings I have in my life. Thanks and love ya!

    BTW, I'm thinking of going to the South on the weekend to give you my OR and money for registration. Ok lang? :)

  2. Hey Dang! :D I included The NeuroChiq in my top emerging influential blogs nominees.

  3. chocolates!!! I am craving for sweets!! I love love love love love billiards.. too bad it doesn't love me. i am really praying that by some twist of universe, going to south will take only about 15minutes. lol!

  4. Oh gosh I'm so bad at pool. Many teachers will contest to that! XD

  5. That's quite a necklace! I don't get to play pool much any more, but I've always enjoyed it. Two of my childhood friends had pool tables, so we played a fair amount.

    Yesterday I drove my wife to an antique mall that is closing at the end of the month. It's an hour and a half away and we shopped for two hours. Add in the drive home and stopping for dinner and that was our whole day....but she had fun! =)

  6. @ Teeyah: That's true diba? So many blessings for you this 2010, so cheer up na =)

    BTW, sorry but the LTO guy we know retired na =(

    @ RS: Hi Alex! Oh my, I'm so elated! Thank you, it was sweeter because nomination came from you! =D

    @ Shen: HAHA, same here, I hope driving to North will be that easy, para we can hang out often! =) If there's only a way, I'll send you toothache love, Shenski! Muah!

    @ Tammy: I'm really bad at it, too. Lucky to have a good coach and lover in one. =P

    @ Ricademus: I've always thought that pool is more for guys, because you can concentrate a lot! Girls can hardly stop chatting with GFs. LOL. And lovely day for you & your wife, so sweet of you to drive her around and shop for 2 hours??? Not all husband can do that! =D


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