What's my Childhood Like? Family LOL Part 3

I remember being so excited for Halloween when I was a kid. It's the time of the year when all TV programs suddenly turns to horror shows [which I love!], "Magandang Gabi, Bayan" being the most notable. My cousins and I gather around my grandma's living room, turn off all the lights for added scare and wait for Noli de Castro's segments on ghosts, aswang (Filipino versions of monsters) and everything supernatural. I, being the tough kid, would always be on the front row, and never covered my eyes (but shut if off halfway, imagine me doing the Koreana eyes). By the middle of the program, only half of us remained glued on the TV. Other kids ran to their moms, or pretended they have to do something else, too chicken to admit that they are in fact, chickened out.

I clearly remembered the host telling the story of a farmer who encountered a floating coffin on his way home, when the TV suddenly went off. It was pitch dark, so I quickly turned it back on, using the remote control. We, the brave ones left, stared at each other and convinced ourselves it's nothing, until the TV went off the second time around and a demonic laugh echoed. I threw the remote control and we started screaming and running like lunatics until the lights went back on and revealed our uncle hiding at the back of the TV cabinet where he unplugged it! He laughed so hard that we ended up wrestling him and hitting him with pillows, and forgiving him only after he treats us to McDonald's Happy Meals.

Great family, good times! I can't wait to do the trick to my nieces and nephews on weekend. =P

What's your fondest Halloween memory? Care to share? =)

Your NeuroChiq,



  1. Naku, our fondest halloween memory? It's not even a Halloween memory but the place we live have ghosts talaga and bonding moment na namin ang mag share ng "experiences" namin on similar or different ghosts! hahahha true yan ah! Pagnagkita tayo, I'll share you the gazillion of horror stories! hahaha

  2. I think it was just being outside in the dark for what seemed like all night...going from door to door and coming home with all that candy! Also, I love the Charlie Brown Halloween special--Snoopy was cool. And one year there was this really young mom in a cat suit--at the time I wasn't sure why that was interesting, just that it was. LOL

  3. Oh I remember "Magandang Gabi Bayan" I don't like watching their Halloween Special...they're really scary, it gave me many sleepless nights and I can't even go to bathroom alone..I would ask my sister to stay in the bathroom while I'm taking a bath and every now and then I would take a peak from the shower curtain just to check if she is still there.


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