Wii, Mojitos, Cheese & Hookah GFs

So my Saturdays are usually the same, get up afterlunch (since I usually sleep at 4-5am), chug coffee, 2 cups at least, stare at my dream board, fix my room, do my nails, wash my makeup brushes and play with my dog, until I hear my bed calling me again for another hour of nap. By dawn, I'm already driving to visit our restobar, and the rest of the night is work & cocktails.

But when a dear friend is about to get married, and calls for a girls' night, I let go of the nap and headed to her place instead. It was supposed to be her bridal shower, so I was expecting flowing booze and naked men, but see, she's a very good girl, and so I agreed on postponing objectfying the opposite sex for now and enjoy on other good stuff instead. *boo!*

I didn't know punching someone in the face can feel so damn good! I mean it! =D
Enjoying mojitos, apples & cheese

My office buds: Lab, me, Lyza, Rio & Jannette

The Mojito was so good, I think I finished the last pitcher alone!

Thanks to my friend, L, I discovered a new combo favorite:
Green Apple & Herb Cream Cheese

I'm not a smoker, but when it smells this freakin' good, I can reconsider.
We had grape, strawberry & apple shisha.

"Clean" bridal showers aren't so bad, but I still have 4 friends getting married in a few months, and I'll be hosting one of the showers, so expect flesh & butts next time. ;-P
Your NeuroChiq,