BFF Birthday Blues

My BFF Tara would probably kill me for blogging about this (Hello, mimi!), more so because it's her birthday last Saturday, but I just find this instance so funny not to be shared. And also because it reminds me how well we know each other, that we seem to have developed anti-bodies for each other's b*tch modes.

*Text snippets, not verbatim*

Me: Sis, sorry we can't push thru with our original night out plan on Friday, I'm off to La Union and Y (another GF) has a bazaar. You want to meet Sunday at her bazaar?
BFF: Hmm, I don't really want to spend my birthday at a bazaar.
Me: I know!!! I mean Sunday, day after your birthday.
BFF: Kahit pa. It's okay.
Me: How about we go out next Friday?
BFF: It's okay, it's not my idea in the first place anyway.
Me: Let me know if you don't want to push through, I know you have other plans so I don't want to impose naman. I'm just trying to set up another date, but it's up to you.
BFF: I don't have other plans other than the concert, it's just unnerving that we had plans this Friday so naexcite nako, then di natuloy. My point is, ayoko ngayon but baka next week gusto ko na. I hope you understand. (*Major tampo mode*)
Me: As I've said, it's up to you. Text me when you're done with your tantrums. (*Major trying to be diplomatic mode*)

*Imagine a mental catfight*

BFF: I'm okay on Sunday, but I really don't want the bazaar.
Me: We can reset this week, wag kana magtampo dyan, anu ba.
BFF: Sorry naman, I'm hormonal these days!

And we're set to Cafe Juanita tomorrow! Belated Happy Birthday, BFF! I love love you to bits, and that includes all of your mind states. I hope you bear with me as much. *MUAH*

Photo from our Clean & Clear BFF Date (post to follow)

My world is a loooot colorful with a bestfriend that's fun, spontaneous and can be hell crazy with me. Don't you love having one? =)

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Kaya pala penge ng carousel photos! :D And oo hormonal at bitchy ako today and the past weeks and thank you for bearing with me, BFF :)

    I love you and I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!! :D Mwah!

  2. Comedy ka kasi, akala ko magtatampo kapa for another day pero 15 minutes lang pala. Kundi lang kita love! Hihi. Pag naglupasay ako one day aasahan kita ha. =P

  3. Hormonal and "tampo" mode! Girl I can totally imagine Tara's face while she says that!!!! hahahha I love you Tara and Dang both of you are gorgeous besties!!!

  4. AMW: Comedy lang diba??? Pagbigyan naten ang tantrums dahil birthday gel. =) Thanks, Nikki!


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