BFF Date by Clean and Clear!

Two weeks ago, my bestfriend, Tara, invited me to join her to the Clean & Clear BFF Date Challenge in Mall of Asia. I haven't seen her for a while (and by that I mean 2 weeks) and thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to attend as bloggers, meet other blogger GFs, and of course, to date!

Clean & Clear Philippines posted this challenge to blogger BFFs in line with the launching of their Facebook Application called BFF 8 Date. The bestfriend duos will have to choose a theme from the FB application that best represent them, then do 8 activities together, 1 activity per hour which will be documented in a single photo each. The last challenge? Be oil free and look fab the whole time! =)

Tara and I were torn in choosing our theme, choices being ART, FASHION, SPORTS, FOOD, and MUSIC. We are both into kikay stuff, like clothes and makeup, that we thought choosing fashion would be so normal if not boring for us. We finally decided on ARTS, since we think arts can be infused in everything, in fashion, sports, even food. After deciding on the perfect team, we went on to accomplish the perfect date!

While downing a tub of green tea yogurt at Red Mango, a brilliant idea popped up, and that is to add a theme song for every activity/photo; we were so kilig with the thought of our favorite songs and making a playlist, you can almost see stars in our eyes! Just like our thesis "eureka" days!

So here they are, please expect Dang & Tara cheesy overload. ;-)

Hour 1
Task: Write a Poem for your BFF

Hour 2
Task: Capture your BFF's persona in a single photo
Dang is Sunshiny while Tara is Bubbly!

Hour 3
One of the things we love most: MUSIC

Hour 4
Task: Paint a portrait of your BFF
Aminin, the drawing is cuteness! =P

Hour 5
A girl's other BFF: Jewelries & Diamonds

Hour 6
Task: Sidewalk Markings
And also because we have this habit of taking a photo of our feet on the beach, diba sis?

Hour 7
We're friends for more than a decade, since we were silly teenagers!

Hour 7
We may look superficial, but hey, don't mess with kikay scholars. ;-P

The date was a huge, fun success, not only because we completed the tasks and produced a very nice online scrapbook called Sunshine Rhythm (which you can support & like in FB, thank you!), but more so because it gave us the chance to document our friendship, and appreciate how wonderful it is, and will be in the coming years. We had I hate you days I tell you, but it just made our pact deeper and stronger. Truly, it's always a fun day with her!
Congratulations to Janey & Madz for winning the challenge. You can also document your date with your BFF and win fab prizes by clicking HERE. Have lots of fun!
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. I had the grandest time, BFF :) Love ya and see you tomorrow!

  2. omg you guys are sooooo cute! and love how you did it with your BFF <3

  3. Aaaaawww... you two are so sweet. I suddenly missed my BFF tuloy.


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