I Deserve My TV Time

Hello Hello! What have I been up to lately? Well, I decided this week will be a lighter one, so I usually go home early, and catch up on my viewing time. I'm a TV freak, or laptop freak, or however I get to watch my movies and TV series. Though I listen to radio too, I don't regard it as an activity, but rather a sort of backgrounder, while watching on the other hand, is a sacred state to me. A reason why I took up Communications, is because of my addiction to news, TV series, movies, documentaries, anything under the boob tube really.

When I'm glued, try not to talk to me, because I'll probably ask you again about it at a later time. It's an intellectual love affair between me and the show, so I'm not entertaining third parties okay? ;-)

So what are the things I watch most of the time you ask? Anything other than Tagalog love stories. I'm not saying anymore why, so don't crucify me. Of course I watch Tagalog telenovelas (I'm liking this new one called Beauty Queen from GMA), variety shows, news and documentaries. I totally love them! I just do away with SUPER uncomfortable cheesy Tagalog lines in movies, and overrated love teams and made up publicities. That's it.

So, here are my lighter fares the past days:

Who haven't heard of Facebook? If you haven't, maybe you're living up too far! This is the story of the founding and resulting scandals and lawsuits of the most popular social networking so far. I will not dwell on the story or the acting, they pretty passed my taste, especially the lead actor, Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark Zuckerberg. The geek and now youngest billionnaire in the world! One thing is sure though, things you do, will sure catch up on you.

I'm the scary, gory type of girl, and Piranha delivered in that aspect. But I found myself laughing in most parts, because this movie is heavily exaggerated to the point of ridiculous. And a lot of unnecessary boob exposures too. Boo!

What can I say, Danny Trejo stars as Machete as part of Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse. If you're cool with chopped heads, one-eyed Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan dressed as a nun, then this can be an entertaining watch. A truly star studded B movie!

Starring the not so little Bow Wow in this comedy about a young lad from the projects who won the lottery that changed his life, especially the people around him! It's so timely to watch this because no one has won the biggest prize (Php 400M) from Philippine Lotto so far. It will make you think twice on how to spend your money, in case that lucky bastard is you.

My newest addiction after Supernatural is still bloody as hell! The Walking Dead is a new TV series about the aftermath of a Zombie apocalypse and the struggle of a few survivors from getting killed by the walkers and holding on to their sanity. It stars the gorgeous Andrew Lincoln (but my heart still belongs to Jensen Ackles) and is now on its third episode. I AM HOOKED.

These are not my personal selection, since I just grab whatever the Sweetie has downloaded, but has kept me entertained nonetheless. I can't wait for the weekend to lazy around and watch some more, before I head to Thunderbird Resort in La Union next week to sing Mama Mia and hit the beach Santorini style! Yay!
Have a great weekend, loves! I hope you're enjoying as much or even more than I am. =)
Much Love,