I'm All Fired Up

Today, I attended a planning session in one of our expat's home in AAV. To say that it's a nice house doesn't do any justice. It is in fact, a mother effin' dream house! With spacious living roomS, old style brick patio, a garage that fits five cars and two bicycles, a ceiling so high you get the Ayala mall feel, projectors in every room and a sparkling pool where their jeweled Collie jumps every morning. And don't get me started with the bathrooms. I'm in euphoria that all I remember was the coconut lime scent.

I'm not one to be impressed and just stop at being that. It gave me certain kind of high, that in fact, propelled me more towards my goals. I don't mind having a budget car, but I want a nice house of my own. Something I bought or built with my own money. Not my parents', and not even my future partner's. This home you see, will have its every brick, tile and nail, pass by the "Dang OC meter."

I can imagine the details, the prints and hues of my bathroom tiles, the mismatched colors of my sofa and pillow, which makes it more interesting, the splash of colors in every room, the thick drapes that will save me the migraine. I can almost taste the excitement, the anxiety, the familiar stress I've come to love.

I'm not a dreamer, not exactly. I'd rather be a visionary. And I want my dream home by 30. I can see it. I'm all fired up.

Are you this passionate on your goals? Kiss & tell me! =)

Much Love,


  1. I am VERY passionate in all my goals!!! So keep it up on your goals Dang! If you need some rooting, I'm here!

  2. @ AMW: I've always known you're the "go get them" type. We'll root for each other! =) Happy monday, Nikki!

  3. Oh, Dang. Building my own home is one of my heart's ultimate desires, too. I want a house built from the ground out, not pre-made, so that every single thing in it will be chosen by me.

    Hay. We can do this! Good luck to us! Dreams, here we come!

  4. @ Dea: When I met you, I knew that you're also the OC type! Haha. Exciting to chose everything that comes in your dream house diba? =)

  5. like this post :) -jp

  6. Hi JP, thank you! Let's plan our Christmas get together with Mich. Muah!


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