NeuroEVENT: Philippine Fashion Week. ALMOST.

I won tickets for the PFW Show last Saturday, October 30. My friend K also won, so we decided to invite our girlfriends to come along since this can be the perfect girl date! Unfortunately, she didn't get her tickets on time, so we came in very late. As in last walk kind of late. ROFL. So I wasn't able to take photos of the actual show (hence, no review), since I'm more keen in watching the last bit than digging into my bag to get my camera. It's a jungle out there, I tell you.

But we're a bunch of happy girls, that we didn't let that ruin our moods. Instead, we took photos on the runway, and greeted familiar faces. The date must go on so we headed and fattened ourselves with surprisingly sweeter (rather than hot) Thai food from Jatujak, and pushed our sins further with Sebastian's ChillyBurgers.

Just goes to show that anything can turn out fine when you have the right people around!

Jumpsuit Dress: BKK
Animal Print Scarf: swiped from one of my bag
Bag: Michaela
Accessories: Seasons
Shoes: Mario D' Boro

Me, Kristel & Libay

The obligatory PFW wall shot

While trying to sneak in. ;-P

At Sinful Sebastian's Ice Cream

Cookie Monster

I missed a lot from the show, but then again, there's always a next time. I'll be content with stalking your PFW posts for now! Kainis! =)
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. Free tickets, chiliburgers and friends--it sounds like a perfect day.

    I never win anything!!! But I'm lucky in many other ways. =)

  2. You look fab with the black dress! :P

  3. I love your outfit Dang! You look super gorgeous!

  4. Looking good, Dang! I love the outfit.

    Sebastian's Chilly Burger is happiness.

  5. @ RicAdemus: Oh yes, you're lucky in so many ways!!! Let's start with your loving wife and beautiful kid! =)

    @ Pammy: Thanks, dearie! <3

    @ AMW: Thank you, Nikki dear! Konting diet pa. Hehe. =P

    @ Dea: Thanks, Dea. The outfit is from our BKK trip together! =) And yes, Sebastian's talaga is happiness! <3


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