Classica Overload

The city is currently bustling with lights, carols and thousands of shoppers marching like hoarding ants in rainy days. But no matter how long the lines are, or how hard it is to find a parking space, CHRISTMAS IS STILL THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR EVER.

So I put on my canvass flats, tank top, comfy shorts and sling bag and I brave the jungles of Christmassy marketplaces - bazaars! After all, it's only this time of the year when I get to feast my eyes with unique nice, sulit buys and knick knacks while we go on food trips and people watch.

For this episode, I lusted for classic black buys, and I gave in.

Classic Sabrina Top

Classic Knitted Cardigan

Audrey Hepburn Oversized Shirt

Snow Leopard Blazer with Puff Sleeves

Knick-Knacks. Wallet, Card Case, Cutesy Hat, Bangles and a Ring.

My most "kilig" purchase 'til late, which came straight from Barcelona, Spain.
Ferrari Sport Bag in Black

I've been to several bazaars already, but most of my loots are Christmas presents and are not posted, I have to keep my mouth shut now, they might be reading! Anything that you purchased recently? Care to share? =)