La Union, Let's GO!

Just when I thought I'm ending the year with no breaks, my boss had this brilliant idea of holding our planning session far away than usual. And when I said far, I meant 8 hours of butt-numb-a-thon!

We headed to
Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point La Union, famed for its mediterranean feel and exclusivity. I felt like singing Mamma Mia ala ABBA as soon as we entered the property. It's hard to resist their blue and white painted surroundings that is clean, crisp and refreshing; exactly what a city girl in vacay needs.

Photo from Thunderbird Resort website

Room with mini kitchen, LCD TV, Jacuzzi, Wifi, suuuuppppeer comfy bed, and a cute dumbo!

Have I told you I'm a bathroom person? I can live with the simplest bed and 14 inch CRTV, but I NEED a nice, clean bathroom!

After 8 hours of traveling, where else should you go? =P

The view from the lobby

The resort has running paths, basketball, volleyball & tennis courts, 9 holes golf course and hectares of greeneries!

My favorite shot of all.
Although I still needed to work, that didn't stop me from enjoying and squeezing some "me" time. Here are the things that kept me disconnected for 3 short, privileged days.
INFINITY POOL. I'm Taurus born, so I can't explain why I feel so natural in water that I can almost feel some gills. Had my mom allowed me to join swimming courses, I think I could have made it to Olympics! LOL. =)

BAR & CASINO. My room mate sleeps at 10pm, and that for me is a mortal sin. So while she's dreaming, I'm sipping cocktails and pushing my luck! =P

FOOD. When in vacation, I allow myself to gain a few pounds without guilt. Food to me is part of the whole experience. I can just jog when I get back naman. =)

Lunch at Olives Resto, Dinner at Vegas Cafe (beside Casino), Filipino buffet at Sea Park Beach Resort and a Chinese buffet at Rose Bowl, Pangasinan.

BEACH. White sand and strong waves, a signature of the surf capital of La Union. Thunderbird's beach is exclusive to its guests so I roamed freely without any interruption from pearl sellers, massage service etc. =/ That for me, is a big big plus!

A beach wedding setup, how romantic is that??

I'm missing you now.

There's one thing I felt sorry about though, I didn't try surfing! I don't have the time, the rash guard and honestly, the energy. The last thing I wanted was to get up from the beach bench where I parked myself, sipping cocktails next to some topless women from the other side of the world. It's too painful to even lift a finger when you're engaged in deep pit of thoughtlessness with nature and the mighty sun. Sometimes, the best activity, is actually not doing anything at all. How often can you do that in Manila, right?

Because I'm sariling sikap with taking photos, I only have one decent picture of myself! =)
That was a long one. I'm currently trying my best to keep my sanity during this very stressful part of the year, and blogging is one of the many wonderful outlets, aside from dragging the BF to bazaars almost every weekend and wrapping gifts for my long list of family, friends and inaanaks. I hope you're enjoying the holidays as much as I do! The traffic is bad, the malls are packed and the prices are spiking high. But the Lord will be born, and I have a handful of wonderful people around me, so who am I to frown? To be sad is an insult to all the many blessings we have. Happy Holidays, my loves! =)


  1. The view is breath-taking! Very scenic and relaxing. How I wish I can go there too. I can take the long drive just as long as I see this lovely place. :)

  2. wow Dangsky! Such a wonderful trip! I haven't really been to la union! Dumaan lang kami diyan on a roadtrip for a meal! But that's it! I want to visit the place!

  3. @ Maria: The long drive is worth it naman, but there's also an option to fly, but at the moment, Zest Air palang. But road trip is enjoy also with stop overs in Tarlac or Pangasinan. =)

    @ Nikki: I saw nga from your super sayang road trip. There's a lot to visit in the Phils. din no? I promised myself to explore our own first kahit madaming sale flights to Asian countries. =)


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