NeuroEVENT: Bumper to Bumper VI Car Show in The Fort Taguig

Had the BF told me where we we're going, I shouldn't have worn my pambahay dress! While I thought it will be just a normal, laid back Sunday, he suddenly begged me to go to Bumper to Bumper's last car show for the year. It was held in The Fort, Taguig last December 5-6.

I never really cared for cars; for me, it's a necessity than luxury. That's also the reason why I haven't considered selling my old car and get a new one. As long as it's working fine and reliable, then I'm not one to lose sleep over the 2011 models.

But being with a car geeko for more than half a decade influenced my opinion somehow. While I'm still firm with the decision that a car loan is a no no, despite how light the company terms are, I at least understand now why he's so into the car stuffs to the point of obsession. After all, automobiles are one of the greatest, most complex inventions diba?! And because I have my personal mechanic, driving instructor and troubleshooter in one, I am proud to say that I'm a girl who at least understands what fanbelts are, which goes to what and doesn't panic with first signs of car trouble.

Here are a few, favorite snaps to feast on.

I wonder how this can even steer??? Sayad kung sayad. =)

This should be banned for destroying so many ear drums. Haha.

Shiny like water.

Mr. Number 2.

He's like our broom broom. All original JDM. Galing!

I should have this when Ondoy striked!

Mr. No. 1!
My top choice among everything. I promised myself to buy myself a classic restored car when I get rich. I want this or an Impala! Just like what Dean Winchester drives! Sexy!

I'm 5'4". You get the drift.

I wish I wore tattered pants, tank top and boots instead. Boo!
Happy Friday, loves! =)
Not just a girly chicq,


  1. Oh Gosh! Bon used ot drag me to these things... good thing he's grown out of it... he's into big bikes now! hahahahaha! oh boys! there was one time that his car got in and we had to haul it in and out, it was exhausting for me... but oh well, the things you do for love.

  2. @ Crix: Haha, big bikes naman! =P Naku, I can imagine how tiring to haul the car in and out of the exhibit! But I have to go with him to the shows because first, I also like it, and second, because I always drag him to makeup bazaars anyways, bawi lang. Hihi. =)


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