Of Bestfrienemies and Christmas Blues

Okay, I don't want to sound too negative, I have other avenues for that. But a quick glance at my office calendar right now spells big mess in my December life. Believe me, I've always been the most diligent ninang ever (godmother), my gifts are prepared and all wrapped and sitting under my tree by November. If not because of the cutest things I find in bazaars during the "ber" months, I would have shopped for Christmas presents in May, or July, or whenever my heart desires. I even wrap my gifts personally, with handmade ribbons and cards.

But this year, due to the baby status of my business, and for so many things I have to consider, I think I can be a bad ninang for once. I can be just like my own ninangs who give me "ampaos" with couple of Roxas or Ninoys (aka bills). Not that I'm not grateful, it's just that, IMO, nothing compares to the excitement of kids whilst tearing the wrappers of their gifts. So for XX years now, it's been my rule to always buy something my inaanaks will love, and use, rather than store in the bank of their parents (sorry, my compadres!). Or if I'm feeling a bit more generous, and if my bonus allows, I give both, something wrapped and something, well, paper. Until this year.

And yes, it's giving me Christmas blues. I'm drowning with work, and business errands, and if you'll see my calendar (I like keeping a real one), you'll have to look for the dates under scribbles of reminders, highlights, notes and dates to remember. So the last thing on my mind now really, is to shop. Maybe I can get away with it, just this one time. But I have to get that necklace for mom. We may fight like bestfrienemies, but I still love her to bits. She's my number one inaanak.

How do you keep sane during these times?



  1. Aww yah holidays can be stressful because of the expectations and hype surrounding the season too. I stay sane by drinking lots of hot chocolates and staying in touch with friends!^^ hehe

  2. Dear, I am going crazy as well! I just said "Christmas na pala next week! Di ko ramdam!" pramis! things have been really hectic lately and would you believe I haven't done any Christmas shopping pa? CHristmas shopping rush na ako this Weekend!!!!


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