UPDATE: Product Review and LOTD: Brightening a Sickie Face

**An updated photo that shows the lip color in natural lighting.
Isn't Angel Rose pure LOVE? **

My migraine attacks in the most unholy times. This morning, I woke up to blinding lights and stabbing pain on the left side of my head. And although I have more than a dozen VLs left, and the year is almost over, I can't afford not to get up and report to work. I have loads of papers waiting on my desk, reports and emails. It has to be mind over migraine matter.

I felt sorry seeing my pale, sick self in the mirror, and so come lunch time, I dropped by the nearby mall to get a sweet fix, which ended to be a grande. Passing by PCX, I saw the I HEART MYBLN signs which says 30% off. I haven't used anything on my lips lately, other than Nivea Soft Rose (which is doing a good job on my cracked lippie), and so I tried a few pinks and picked my latest "bloomer". Maybelline Colorsensational in Angel Rose.

Normally costs Php 299.00, thanks to 30% off on all Maybelline products, I got it for only Php 209.00!

See how soft the pink is?

Swiped without flash

Swiped with flash

The light conditions made it appear less rosy on picture, but it actually made my sick, pale face come alive again. Two of my officemates bursted at the same time:

"Something's new with you! In love ka?" LOL! =P

Covergirl Radiance Concealer
Maybelline ClearSmooth Powder
Physician's Formula Mineral Veil
ELF Studio Line Blush in Tickle
Nivea Soft Rose
Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Angel Rose
Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Liner
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
No E/S =(

Cheeky me.


- Affordable
- Glides Smoothly
- 4 hours have passed since my first swipe, and it's still intact!
- With SPF
- Moisturizes lips for up to 8 hrs.

- None, I'm actually coming back to get the Bonbon Pink and the Peachy Pink. =)
The 30% off on all Maybelline products are on until December 15, so hurry! This is not a paid advertisement, I'm just one happy customer. =)

What's making you bloom lately?


  1. i love their red lipstick. i'll definitely be taking advantage of their sale too.

    you look fab,sweetie!

  2. I love your cheeks! :P It looks pretty especially on your lips. :)

  3. @ Thia: I've tried their reds too, pretty nga din! <3 I'll wait what you'll get, hihi. Thanks, dear. Muah!

    @ Pammy: Nalito ako, Pam! =P But thanks thanks! <3

  4. pretty color! it looks nice on u. :))

  5. That colour looks gorgeous on you, makes your lips so pretty and luscious :)

  6. @ Yen: Thank you, love! =)

    @ Tammy: Thank you, but not as luscious as yours! =P Happy Holidays, Tam!


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