Today, I'm Thankful...

for this time of the year and everything with it.

From where I'm from, Christmas starts as soon as the calendar flips to "ber" months. My Malaysian friend, C, was so surprised when I told her we put up our tree by November. Little did she know that some, if not most of Filipinos already start decorating, and celebrating as early as September. And when I further told her how we hold reunions, concerts, bazaars and parties left and right, I already convinced her that she must experience a Pinoy Christmas once in her life.

While I have so much to be thankful about this year, especially this season, I decided to document how I ended my month long bout with deadlines, reports and everything workaholic: PARTYING.

For my company who holds this very wonderful Kid's Party every year, which not only makes me feel young at heart again, but is also the avenue for me to be with my little sister, at least once a year. If you want to know the story behind, see THIS.

For good food and grown up things. We held our inter-company Legal's party at Resorts World, with sushi, casino and some really good things in between. =)

For a chance to belt out, with some help from my dear Baileys.

For festivities and candy clouds. I was part of the organizing committee for the company's MADHATTER'S PARTY. The coolest, best one so far!

For some cultural enrichment, courtesy of the only person I know who can play the piano, the violin, and now, listen to this, HARP! Bravo, Ms. K.! Not to mention that she's also my inspiration towards going organic. A very classy lady.

For a newfound friend, who is super kikay in every sense that she notices my lipstick shade, hence we clicked at once. She's a frustrated singer too, how similar can we be???

Haciendera & Sexy Santa

For old, great friends who brightens my worklife even more.

The New Yorker, The Jester and The Haciendera

For the crazy crew who made this year's party a truly memorable one, I'm still high from it!

And for the venue to dress up (which I LOVE doing). I planned to come as a black bride, but doing so is nothing so new for me. I always do away with "pacute" things, because I seriously feel that I'm too tough and mean looking to be one. But what the heck, I threw that thought out of the window and put on my cutest, preppiest, very not me look. I think I did okay. What you think?

Top: People are People
Puff Skirt: H&M
Velvet Boots: Celine
Buri Hat: Swiss Miss

I have a few more parties to attend, and as I said in my FB, I wish I can split myself into gazillions so I can attend all the get togethers and see the most wonderful people in my life! It's not really the party or the alcohol, but the people we spend it with, agree?
A few more days before Christmas, how are you holding up? =)
The NeuroChiq,


  1. Yes, you pulled off the haciendera look! Lovely! :)

  2. Dangsky darling!!! You are so pretty! YOur hair is super gorgeous din! ang shiny! Did you do anything? Hoping to see you soon!

  3. @ Teeyah: Thanks, BFF! Merry Christmas from Haciendera to Britney! =) Sino kaya tayo next year???

    @ AMW: Thank you, Nikki dear! But no new treatments lately, actually, the hat covers the regrowth.Shhh. =P I need to recolor na! Merry Christmas love!


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