Giveaway Alert: Win than Fab SUNpiology planner!

Ola! My first post for 2011 has got to be this good! =)

I'm giving away 3 of this very nice, tastefully designed Sunpiology planners through the generosity of our friends from Sun Life Financial Philippines in collaboration with Piolo Pascual and Hebreo Foundation.

Start your year right by answering this simple question: WHAT'S YOUR 2011 FINANCIAL RESOLUTION?

Remember, there's no wrong or right answers, you can be as general as saving 1/10 of your salary or as specific as getting a short rather than a grande coffee. Fire away your best financial goals on my comments section and get yourselves this planner to help you keep track of your goals, financial and not, for the awesome 2011 that awaits us!

Contest ends on Wednesday, January 5, 10PM. =)

Just a peek on this nice little thing that can land on your hand. To see more, simply click HERE.

I promise more of good things on my humble little blog, and a commitment to a bigger, better year to achieving an insanely beautiful life!

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. I have been trying to save up for the past couple of months but every time i see something that i like i can't stop myself!

    but then i figured out something to help me save, i will never bring my card with me whenever i go to the mall. I would just withdraw a certain amount, leave my wallet at home to minimize my expenses.

    & i make it a point to also keep a piggy bank at home. I try to put at least P20 everyday. I know it's not much but it's a start especially for an impulsive buyer like me...LOL!

    Hope you'll have a happy start for your new year,sweetie!

  2. Instead of riding a tricycle on my way to jeepney terminal, I'll just walk the 3 blocks distance. In that way, I will save 7pesos everyday,that's 42pesos in a week, and I will also burn my extra calories. =)
    That is two birds in a one stone.

    Save! Save! Save!period!..... :)

    I have to save na for the future of my baby.. coz in the next years to come he will start going to school na.. for now, maybe we can save 20% o 30% of our salary and put it in bank.. para incase we need, we have something to get...

    I will not buy things that is hindi ko naman masyadong kailangan.. instead of buying i will save na lang my money..

    Josephine Gregorio

  4. "To save more money" is my first financial resolution I want to make and commit in a big way, pledging to save more this year, setting a savings goal of some kind is certainly "the right trend". I would love to see more people committing to saving more for their retirement to make sure that they're going to be ready for retirement when the time comes. This are some of my financial resolutions that can help almost anyone save more money, invest smarter and better prepare for life's unforeseen financial challenges:

    1. Save More Money
    There are any number of ways to save, and experts say your best bet is to pick one and stick to it.

    2. Spend Less
    Sounds simple, but it requires a fair amount of discipline. Consumers have to be willing to do without, and that starts with eliminating impulse purchases and replacing expensive brands with cheaper alternatives.

    3. Pay Down Credit Card Debt
    After having credit card limits slashed by issuers during the financial crisis, consumers in general are paying off balances and using credit cards less. Many consumers have also seen their interest rates increased whether they were delinquent on their payments or not, so eliminating this type of debt really helps save money in the long run. Once consumers totally pay off a credit card, we can commit the money from those monthly payments to saving and investing.

    4. Determine If You Have Enough Life Insurance
    This is an extremely important issue that many people neglect, but there are financial planners who remind people that you don't want to be caught without life insurance when you need it. Check to see whether it's enough to take care of your child if you should die, whether it's enough to buy off your business partner so that the business can continue things of that nature. Check to see how much their disability insurance will pay if they get injured and can't work, and if their homeowners insurance covers the full cost of rebuilding their home if it's destroyed.

    5. Understand All the Benefits Your Company Offers
    Many people get disability insurance or life insurance from their employers, but they may not understand how those benefits work. You should know what your disability insurance covers and what exactly is meant by long-term care insurance. Other medical benefits may be offered as well - eye care, dental care, health savings accounts or additional programs that offer cash incentives for healthy behaviors. You can't benefit if you don't inquire.

    See, once you break it down into manageable steps, getting your financial house in order is a lot easier. It can't hurt to try! A safe, healthy and prosperous 2011 to all.

  5. OMG Gorgeous Planner!
    2011 Financial Resolution

    Save my allowance! ^^,
    Every time I go to school I bring some snacks so I would not spend some money for foods...I just spend my allowance for my fare from my house to school then after that I just walk from school to my house...

    I need to save money to help my parents if there is an emergency or financial problem and I'm willing to gave all the money I earn.

    I love shopping and I need to control my self to not to buy some stuffs if I don't really need it! THAT'S MY NO.1 RULE IN THIS YEAR 2011!

    And 2nd is find a duplicate of the item that I'm buying which is more cheaper!

    I don't care if they tell me i'm "kuripot" its just my parents and I work hard to save money so I shouldn't waste any cents in my savings

  6. As for my financial new year's resolution, i would have to control myself from buying stuff impulsively(especially via online shopping) so that I could save and buy something that I would really really need :)

  7. My financial goals for 2011:

    1. Free myself from debts!

    2. After paying them up, hopefully by mid 2011, I can open a REAL savings account (meaning a passbook without ATM so I won't be tempted) and a time deposit account.

    3. Zero-travel for 2011 unless it's a treat. Save up first!

    4. I am interested in stock market but I think I have to understand this fully first.

    5. Invest on business - e.g. computer shop expansion

    6. No more impulsive buying - or at least, try to avoid purchasing things that I do not need.

    7. Lastly, work more, save more, spend less and live the simple life!

    it's mgna15 at gmail dot com.

  8. my financial resolutions are:

    1. I will buy something if I really need it!
    2. Self control on buying makeups ^^,
    3. No big credits
    4. Save my allowance
    5. Making a list of the items that I need to buy so that I can prioritize my needs

    thats all

    Wish me Luck!


  9. Thank you for all your comments, the contest is officially closed. I'll be announcing the winners tomorrow! =) Cheers to all our 2011 goals, girls/guys!


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