Movies 101: Gaga over Love & Other Drugs

Hotness Couple Ever.

Thanks to my BFF, T, for sharing this to me.
One of my favorite lines ever, and should remember.
I've had a lovely weekend with family and girlfriends, but the the icing on my weekend cake is seeing LOVE and OTHER DRUGS! And I'm saying this with whatever little kilig juices I have in my body! Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are just too lovable in this film. I never considered Jake very charming (although his acting is plausible), but now I finally saw what other girls are seeing. He's an acquired taste, just like wasabi. Anne on the other hand has come a long way from being Princess Mia and Ella Enchanted. She has matured to be a daring, serious actress. Aside from the brilliant actors, I love how this film makes you feel vulnerable yet empowered at the same time, and that it's okay to need someone, somehow. (I have to remember that!) 

Here are some personal points I have from the movie:

Countless Love Scenes. If you're not moved nor affected, not an itsy bit, then you might want to have your libido checked. LOL. How can two beautiful, sexy people, having mad, passionate sex not be of interest to the adult public? Maggie (Anne) and Jamie (Jake) were naughty, thrill seeking lovers, who still manage to still be cute and likable the moment they jump to bed, or floor, or wherever.

Comic Relief, from Jamie's brother, Josh, played by Josh Gad. What are romantic comedy films without the funny stuff? Josh Gad is a breath of fresh air. He embodied his character as the geeky, retard brother, and is truly a natural. Characters like him are my tickets to convince my man to watch what he thinks is just another super cheesy movie. Hah.

Parkinson's Disease. I have little knowledge about this disease, other than Muhammad Ali has it. Anne's charater portrayed the struggles of a person living with the disease, and how it affects her life and choices, and that includes love, or her decision to shy away from it. I've come to see how people with PD need love, support and understanding from the society, especially that presently, symptoms can only be managed but not cured. It also depicts human spirit to achieve dreams and continue living  and loving despite this condition.
Love. And a great one that. Jamie, a womanizer, suddenly found himself deeply involved with the free spirited girl, Maggie. When he admitted to himself and to Maggie that he loves her (while hyperventilating!), complications and fears from her condition arose, and strained their relationship. Maggie decided to let go to save Jamie from the hard life with her, and pursue his Chicago dream. But a videotaped message of Maggie hit him hard and he decided to pursue a life with her than ran away. And the rest, as they say, is loving history. And I have to admit, I'm a girl who cries over movies. Like this movie.
 Sadly, I'm very disappointed with Green Hornet, and so you get the idea how much L&OD uplifted me afterwards; I can't stop thinking/talking about it with my girlfriends!

Have you seen it? What do you think? =)

The NeuroChiq,


  1. i lost count na how many times they took off their clothes...i was shocked cause i never thought that disneys princess diary would expose that much skin,but hey thats hollywood

  2. @ Shobe: IKR! And to think I was already shocked when Anne had a breast exposure in Brokeback ha. =) But I still like her, specially in this film. Mishoo, Shobe!

  3. been itching to watch this ever since it got out, but i can't convince chard to watch it with me. i'm forbidden from watching it solo naman. grr! sabihin ko nga madami love scenes. baka tumalab. hehe

  4. You made me want to see it...I don't really think there are any good movies I'm shying away from the movie house..great review :)

  5. @ Kyle: Try to tell your hubby nga, baka sakali.Hihi. But really, it's not cheesy overload naman, so I think Chard will like it. Plus, it's Anne Hathaway. When all else fails, watch with a girlfriend! =)

    @ Crystal: Err, I'm guilty of not seeing it in a movie house, too. Hihi. I hope you'll like it as much as I did. =)


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