OOTD: Animal Print Loca

Thanks for the photo, L! 

 Black Top: Mango
 Leopard Bolero: From a Christmas Bazaar 2010
 Jeans: Herbench 
 White Flats: Vincci/VNC
 Bag: Gift
Accessories: A'postrophe

Because my heart melts when I see animal prints, I just have to grab this leopard bolero and not give a damn where to wear it. I decided to amp my casual Friday outfit in the office with it, and I think this baby served the purpose well. A number of colleagues asked me where I'm headed after office, or simply assumed I have a date (which unfortunately, wasn't the case). One even gasped and said "Hey, you look all ferocious today!" (with her fangs showing and her fist clenched like a tiger), and it kept me smiling all morning! Dressing up isn't something I do for the sake of receiving compliments, but rather to breeze through the busy day with substantial esteem knowing that I'm dressed well, and is pleasing to look at. I think every girl owes that to herself, no? =)

Friday Casual Outfit

Thanks for the nice bag, Sweets! I really love it!

I just woke up from a night ('til morning) of pure fun and friendship over mojitos and Cerveza Negra (I finally found a beer that at least bears passes to my throat!) with two of the dearest girls in my life, T & Y,and my S on the side. He actually behaved like a girlfriend after his third bottle that made him the coolest BF ever. =)

Happy Sunshiny Sunday, loves!



  1. Thanks so much for the fun night, BFF! Love you! And love that bolero!

  2. sisterhood! ang cute mo! you look so chic!

  3. @ Aika: Thank you, pero wala ng cchic pa sayo! =P

    @ Teeyah: Thank you, too BFF. Sobrang fun basta kayo. Love yah too! =)

    @ AMW: Thanks, Nikki dear! Muah* Muah*


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