OOTD: P is for Passion

The color Purple that is. Why do I say so? Because on one Saturday, I attended 2 romantic weddings with purple motif. The past years have been witness to the new and changed perception to this royal color. From being associated with loss and grief, to being the new black, only with a chic twist.

I'm set to attend a Valentine's wedding again, and I need not mention what their motif is! =)


Dress: Seventeen by Cinderella
Shoes: Ichigo
Accesories: A'postrophe (hello & thanks, Y!)

Because Ichigo really served me well.

I'm having a lovely solo Sunday with a cup of English Breakfast Tea, Kiwi Strawberry Scented Oil and amazingly fast connection [good job, G!]. I hope your day is as warm if not more. =)



  1. You look fabulous! Love the shoes and the pedi and the pretty dress on you. :P

  2. gorgeousness and purple looks great on you sis!

  3. OMG!!! Guess what motif my wedding will be, haha!

  4. @ Pammy: Thanks, Pam. =)

    @ AMW: Thank you, I don't wear purple at all before, buti I discovered it looks good on my skin tone pala. =)

    @ Dea: OMG nga!!!! Ang cute nyo naman, mga purple brides! =)

  5. oh tweenie, I love your dress! It's so chic, pretty and basta I really love it! =) Purple looks great on you dear! Hugs to you!♥

  6. Thanks, tweenie! You're soooo sweet talaga! I hope to meet you personally one day <3


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