Product Review: AVON Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Passionate Pink

When I was younger, I have this weird belief in using only neutrals and red shades when it comes to lipsticks. I think I was 7 or 8 then, and yes, a makeup curious at that. I guess I was too exposed with mature, powerhouse women (my aunts whom most worked for banks), who normally wears red, browns or plums that I regarded pink hues as too girly and Barbie-ish, which is perfectly fine, but just way far from me. I never saw myself as a little girl then! 

To cut the story short, I breezed through early college with black nails and dark red lips. All friggin' time. I was in bit of a hurry to grow up, and be a career woman just like my aunts. Fast forward to the present, with this wonderful thing called YOU TUBE and BLOGSPOT, where I've met and followed makeup gurus, I started appreciating adoring pink lips like it's the next best thing to aged sweet wine. Of course I still wear reds and plums and neutrals and corals (isn't being a girl sooo fun??), but my everyday office lips has to be a less scandalous pink. Not to mention that I have full collagen injected-like puckers that I have to be careful when wearing darks and reds, unless I want to scare off people in one of my meetings. Hihi. 

My recent pink discovery is AVON's Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Passionate Pink. Here are my thoughts after using it for a almost a week:

  • It holds true to its promise, I have the driest lips that it often flakes a few hours after lipstick application. It didn't happen with this one. I love how it made my lips SOFT and so MOIST!
  • No funny smell
  • I'm worried tbecause it's under the "shimmer" finish, since I'm not a fan of lip sparkles, but the shine is just right to make my lips look supple, and no tacky glits! Yey!
  • Affordable at Php 299.00 or USD 6.50 (still on sale at Php 199.00!)
  • Lasting power is decent

  • Nothing with the product, just the waiting time from ordering to delivery. Visiting a mall outlet sounds better if you're in a hurry and excited like me. =)

AVON Moisture Rich Lipstick in Passionate Pink

Without flash
With flash

Pardon the photo, just want to show how passionately pink this is against a face with nothing but powder & brow liner on. =)
 How about you? Are you a pink lip lover too? Or you're a bold soul with red lips? I think we girls can be both, eh? =)



  1. I love lipsticks!
    that is 1 thing that i can't live without. lipstick can brighten up the face instantly!

    while im a red lipstick lover, im open to pink & corals as well. i just haven't found the perfect pink lipstick yet, but i will not stop until i've found THE ONE!

    i have been wanting this avon lipstick too but the thing is, i don;t know where to buy one since i don;t know any avon dealer...
    so sad

  2. looks good on you.. :D i love pink A LOT!!

  3. Yes, we certainly can be both. :) but i think I'm more of a pink lips girl.. hehehe!

  4. @ Thia: I think Avon has mall outlets already, maybe you can check on your next day out. =) It's really a good buy. <3

    @ Donnarence: Thank you, what are girls without the color pink, eh? =)

    @ Shen: Yes, you really are a pink lips girl! And you carry it so well, especially the Ruffa G. lips! =) Miss you, Shen! =)

  5. it was so pretty on your sexy ^_^

  6. I am in love with pinks and corals but not the bold colors lately! I just like the natural look and girl! The color looks gorgeous on you! Bagay mo ang pink lips! Very girly!

  7. I'm loving pink lippies lately... the shade looks good on you... your lips look really juicy hehe

  8. it's a very nice pink color! i love looking at it!


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