Shoe Lovin' Thursday

When I'm trying to watch my spending, there's only two places where I certainly need a tapahoho (a funny local term for horse blinders), a gourmet burger joint, and the shoe section of malls. It must be in my blood, because most of my relatives, my only brother, and my cousins, also have this shoe sickness. We literally lose sleep over them, and have to work constantly on not blowing up expenses with shoe bills.

The other night, my balikbayan cousins and I were having coffee when I eyed his loafers:

ME: Is that a Vuitton logo I'm seeing???
COUSIN: Yes, and please don't tell me it looks fake. Tinipid ko ang Europe trip ko for this!
ME: Ahhh, errrm. Okay, di ko nalang sasabihin. *grins* (Okay, I won't tell)

Here are my favorites among the shoes I bought recently. And unlike my cousin, I'm not a brand snob, I always look forward to sales, I support Pinoy, and my third world paycheck can't afford an overpriced, overrated Vuitton. ;-p

Sandra shoes from Ichigo in beige and black. Go Pinoy!

Cage shoes from Parisian by SM. This brand has improved a lot don't you think so? =)

Any exciting buys lately? Share! =)
Much Love,


  1. I agree! The Parisian brand has improved drastically! I am very particular with the shoes/sandals I will purchase, I have weak legs talaga and there's a certain height I can wear!

  2. those are very pretty shoes! :)

  3. they said nga that parisian shoes are great now... i should really go shopping at sm!!!

  4. Thanks, girls! Clap clap on parisian shoes talaga. =) And Ichigo also! I love them! <3


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