SUNpiology planner WINNERS are...

Thiamere, Mina and Akiakat!
Congratulations, girls! Please email your full names and addresses so we can send your planners soonest! And hold on to your wonderful financial resolutions okay?

Here are their responses and why they won. Click photo to enlarge.

Credit cards are supposed to help us and not pull us deep in debts. Use it wisely, and always be in control! If you can't commit to that yet, then like Thia, it would be wise to leave them home!

I love it that her first goal is to free herself from debts (and stress, diba?). While building your assets, don't forget to consider your liabilities, too. Goodluck, Mina! =)

Akiakat's comment is a solo post worthy! While she has lots of things in mind, my favorites are getting insurance and understanding/maximizing your benefits. Really, it's just last month that I learned my company card can cover warts removal and sclerotherapy, and I should have taken advantage of it 4 years ago! So go ahead and chat with your HR!

Congratulations again, and let's all thank our friends from Sunlife Financial Philippines!
The NeuroChiq,


  1. Congratulations to the winners!
    including me..LOL!

    but seriously, i never expected to win the giveaway.
    thank you so much!

  2. Congratualtions to the winners--I hope you achieve your goals. I couldn't enter because my #1 financial goal is to find out how much my wife owes. She would be mad if I mentioned that.

    Ooops! :P

  3. Congrats to the winners. :)

  4. @ Mina: I haven't received your full name and address. Please email me at asap. =) Congratulations again!

  5. Hi Mina, got it. =) Will send your planner this week.

    @ Akiakat: You're the last one left, please email me your address asap. Thanks!

  6. hello po, email sent na po..sorry for the late reply, and i mean it.. thanks po uli..


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