Why Do I Love My SunPiology Planner?

I love writing. Doodling, jotting, sketching, drawing, anything that involves pen kissing the paper fest. In the new age of palm PCs and digital calendars, I simply can't let go of this old love. I have colorful sticky notes everywhere, and can't go out of the house without a pen and a mini notebook, just in case a brilliant one pops up. And keep it a secret, but I can still be pursued with poems and beautifully written love notes. Hay.

So when I started working, having a planner is a sacred thing. But since I'm slaving in a very formal industry, and working everyday with high powered lawyers and government executives, the last thing I'd want is another piece of, well, formality -- which unfortunately where my Shell Company Planner belongs. While Belle De Jour is still on top of my pretty list, I changed my mind when my BFF (I love you, sis!) sent me my yearly supply of SunLife Planners. SunPiology just saved me a good 800 pesos.

So why do I love it?

Because the hardbound cover is not boring nor tacky; and it's as if looking at a beach sunset

Because it has this cute, useful thing

Because it has a monthly priority list, which is very me!

and a LOT of SPACES and BOLD COLORS too!!!

And how did they know I'm a Go Green advocate?

and an admirer of good photography too? =)

While I admit that I miss BDJ's menstrual and expense tracker, I'd rather make my own and keep it home, than have my bosses chance peek on it during meetings. =)

Do you like using planners too? Or have you gone 100% digital? =)


  1. Ang cute ng planner! I love how the pages are so pretty and you have ample space to write!

  2. i received my planner yesterday & i also love it!
    The BDJ planner has that tracker which i love din! but this planner is so nice to use & has enough space to write anything that i want to!

    thanks again,hun!

  3. @ Teeyah: Thanks again sis. =)

    @ AMW: Yup, I need lots of space kasi I tend to write everything talaga. =)

    @ Thia: You're welcome Thia, you deserve it. =) Happy that you liked it! Muah*

  4. i have one too.. courtesy of teeyah!

  5. Great looking planner! Perfect for Piolo Pascual fans to get their daily dose of him!! :D I actually saw this one from National... but i was also given a free planner (BDJ), so I passed out on this. Haha. :)


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