The Black Tale of the Restless Hair

I've been blessed with jet black, straight and shiny hair. And because I have it from the start, I took it for granted, and have always wanted to be on the other side of the fence i.e. redhead, brunette, blonde, curly, wavy, what have you.

If you've noticed, I've been sporting dyed hair from the beginning of this blog. And that's because I've been a dye gaga for a good five years now. Right after college.

On this fateful night, I decided to revisit old photos from my desktop computer, and my, halfway through my albums, I grew tired seeing myself with colored hair! I've seen browns and reds, and mixed, then with highlights, faded, fiery, copper then back to browns and so on. Since the S is literally begging me to be back to black for years now (claiming cheesily that it's one of the reason he pursued me!LOL), I decided to give it a go. What's there to loose anyway, I can be back to redhead in week's time if I wanted to, and he's free to start bugging me again. ;-P

Honestly, I didn't exactly love it at first, because I looked prim and proper and very mabait, in short, it doesn't feel "me". But then when people started noticing (or getting surprised rather), and giving me compliments on how refreshing to see me like a kolehiyala again, I slowly learned to embrace its classy feel. Who desn't want to look younger anyway, diba?

My last color indulgence was from the amazing L'oreal INOA. 
See my awesome experience with this product HERE.  =)

And I'm back to black. At least for now.

I love how turning black made my hair look a lot more shiny!

Lookie, I got some side bangs, too! =)

And the shampoo model pose, courtesy of my good friend, L!
PS: She also teases me every morning with "Hey, SALT!" =P

Thanks to my hair's black tale, I probably got one of the best compliments, worthy of an anti-aging product commercial tagline, in a long time: "Hey, you look 5 years younger, I love it!" (I heart you triple time, D!)

What do you think? Is it a keeper? Love to hear your thoughts, beauty experts!

PS: Happy Hearts' Day! No reason to frown today, okay? Keep loving each & every day! =)

From the Nook,


  1. Grabe, I can name a few who can sport both brown and black hair! Isa ka sa mga "few" ang ganda! I love your gorgeous long hair!

  2. Love how your hair looks so shiny! <3
    Its a keeper imo! :P

  3. Parang college days lang with soya milk!

    I just had my hair colored, too! Pero same golden brown at hindi ko na maatim talaga ang black hair, panget ko lang.

    Buti ka pa! :)

    Happy V Day, BFF! Love you!

  4. I'm with ya! I've always had straight, straight hair and have always longed for curly hair. When I curl it, it only stays that way for about 30 minutes :(

    Black or red, your hair is beautiful!


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