Ending the Week Right

What's the best way to end a long, depressing, tears-filled, sleepless week? I'd say give it a rest and brush up for the new one to come! Because life is, and will always be good no matter what. Because I'm alive, well and breathing. Because I have tons of things I should be grateful about. Because losing means I'm blessed with the opportunity to learn. Because now, more than ever, I get to know who my real FRIENDS are. Because God trusts me immensely knowing He made me tough and strong so I won't give up. Because I have a good man who puts up with my tantrums and bratty acts unbelievably. And because today, God has given my man another and more years of the good life.  

We were supposed to take a decent photo as the clock striked 12, but oh well, the birthday boy had another plan! Thus, my face.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie! =)

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  1. Hey! Your sweetie and my sweetie have the same birthday! Happy Birthday to your man!

  2. naman, ikaw na ang sumu-sweet ngayon! =P

    Happy bday (druglord) jepoy!

    *ps. Delete mo nalang comment ko if you don't feel the drug lord "label" .haha but tell you what, I mean it in good way. . you get what i mean? si N kasi if I call him "basagulero" he likes it. feeling macho! lol!

  3. Happy birthday to Jepoy, sis! :) And know that we are just here whenever you need us and when you're ready.

    Love you :)

  4. Aaww this is a very gorgeous photo! Super sweet and super natural!!!! He really loves you and thank God for him :)

  5. @ 101: That's so cute! I hope you'll have a lovely celebration with your man. =)Thank you & happy birthday to your sweetie, too!

    @ Adobo: Katawa ka talaga, you have disclaimer pa! Well, first, sweet ba yang face na yan??? Second, I don't think Jeff minds at all, sport naman yun. =) And sis, tama lang for me to get a mean looking guy, otherwise, di kame bagay! Haha. Belated happy birthday to Nean Giles as well! =)

    @ Teeyah: Thanks, sis! And thanks for always reminding me of your support & love. *Muah* PS: Enjoy Rent tonight! =)

    @ AMW: Thanks, sis. I actually find the pic cute afterwards(kahit anpanget ko lang dyan, hihi, kasi nga, very natural. I think he watched too much of Vic Sotto's movies. LOL.

    PS: Nikki dear, just so you know, you're my special mention friend sa post nato. =) Love you!

  6. To Dangski's PS --- THANK YOU for the special "Friend" mention, third wheel ba ako mare? hehehe anong pangit? I SERIOUSLY love this photo and this deserves to be printed and put on a wall :D

  7. You look so cute together. I hope the next time I see your pictures, pre-nup photos na! :P

  8. @ Pammy: Thank you, Pam! Pero naku, re pre-nup, maiinip kalang! =P Happy weekend, babe!

  9. "Because I have a good man who puts up with my tantrums and bratty acts unbelievably." -- I love this line! It's so ME. Hahaha! Happy birthday to your man, Ms. Dang! :)

  10. @ Juana: Haha, aren't we such spoiled GF/wifey??? So let's keep our men loved & interested. There aren't a lot of good catch these days! =P Thanks! =)

  11. tweenie!!!

    awwww...ang sweet naman ng picture nyo ni sweetie mo! Happy Birthday to you Sweetie!


  12. ang sweeeettt!
    hmp, cge mang-inggit ka pa. beh!


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