It's Time for SuperHero Tangga and Alter Egos

While most couples wine and dine, or indulge and in love in luxury hotels and spas, here I am rummaging at ticketworld to see what we can watch this V day. It's been a silent tradition I guess, that Sweetie and I drop our normal dates and be more cultural or artsy or however you want to see it.

I initially thought of seeing KAOS at Resorts World, because I'm just too sure the production and props (white tigers and lions, hello!) will blow our minds. But it will be running for the next 5 months so not really rushing here. RENT will also be opening next week, but it's something I want to see with friends. It's down to two with BREAKUPS & BREAKDOWN, and you won't guess it, ZSA ZSA ZATURNNAH! I know, I know, I have a super supportive man who can't resist Zsa Zsa's cleavage. LOL. And it's not the typical V day date, unlike the last one we watched (which really hits you, couples, right!), but it's looks so much fun and flamboyant and crazy, and that appeals more to me that candles and silver wares, really. =)

And because I am forever intrigued in this award winning musical comedy, which is actually a material for gender subjects in UP mind you, and missing 6 staging is no longer fun, I made it a go and will watch it with my man during the opening night. After all, I've been lonely and locked in my bedroom for nights in a row now, and I could use some humor and lead actress Eula Valdez's teeny weeny waistline for inspiration! And with Gabe Mercado playing Zsa Zsa's  assistant, Didi, the laughter deal is sealed.

But then again, I'm thinking I should also get tickets for BreakUps & BreakDown, if only for Joel Trinidad. And the Pulitzer awardee, NEXT TO NORMAL. Don't you think so?

"Tanghalang Pilipino concludes its 24th Season with the power-packed return of its longest running, award-winning original musical comedy. ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal…Vack With A Vengeance – the production’s 7th run – will be staged at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philipines, on February 18 to March 13. The production is bound to wow the audience yet again and all the more with its brilliant, quirky, uninhibited ka-pow! PLUS an astounding new set design by Gino Gonzales, a powerhouse cast featuring Ms. Eula Valdez as Zsazsa Zaturnnah; Ms Pinky Amador as Zaturnnah’s equally vonggacious nemesis, Queen Femina Suarestalla Baroux; the much anticipated new Dodong, the gorgeously hunky Rocky Salumbides; and more surprise elements incorporated into this year’s staging!"

Read the rest HERE.

Have you seen Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah or any of the stage plays/musicals I've mentioned? What do you think? Or tell me about your date plan this year, will you? =)

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