OOTN: Young & Rebellious

I just had a date with a cousin a few years junior than me. The best thing about hanging out with younger people is that you feel young yourself. It’s not that I regret being in my age and position, in fact I love being a grown up; the liberty and grace that comes with it. 

But age is just a number, so when I’m not at work and in the company of high powered lawyers, I let down my guards and ditch my slacks and skirts and toss something young, something rebellious. If only for the weekend!

Note: All photos were taken in my "vampire's nest" room, hence the low quality. Sorry!

Very dark in here. =)

Oversized Top: Audrey Hepburn shirt by Flattering Tops 
Fatigue Shorts: Lilu 
Ankle Boots: Centropelle

With a giant zit on my cheek.

Sling Bag: H&M

How do you dress up for weekend? Do you also ditch the corporate-ish feel like me? =)

From NeuroChiq's Nook,


  1. CUTE OUTFIT! Dangsky I'd love to wear this daily too! I am a shorts girl and if only I can wear shorts EACH and everyday! I'll do it!

    Happy weekend!

  2. i have one of those tops, and i don't know how to wear them LOL! not bagay to me!

  3. @ AMW: I love wearing shorts also! Kaya lang, I can't do it always because I have my commute days, too. =) Thanks, Nikki!

    @ Lelila: Honestly, it took a while before I figured out where & how I'll wear it. Try mo padin imixmatch, sayang naman. =) Great to see you here, Sol! =)

  4. @ Charry: As much as I love your denim shorts! =)


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