14th Day: Pond's Flawless White Update

The sad sad thing is, my BFF and I decided to pull out from the Pond's Flawless White challenge for technical reasons. But that doesn't mean we won't be pursuing this journey, because it meant a lot more than a competition for us from the start. I said the other time that our quest for flawless skin has begun right? I'm no chicken to stop the discovery at this stage, especially that I'm seeing positive effects on my usually stubborn skin! It's been two weeks, and though I have to put up with being a little more oily (as long as it's just oil and not pimples), the fading of acne marks eventually becomes evident. And it's not just I who notice it, which is the greater sign of improvement.

This week has got to be one of the most exciting moments of my life, and I've never felt energized and enthusiastic like this in a long while (I'll tell you why soon!), so excuse me for lack of words. I'll rather indulge you in another self appreciative photo of the day which I hope you're interested with since hey, you visited my page. =D

It screams one thing: GLOWING.

It's been ages since I strutted a high bun, but a happy situation called for it and it didn't turn out too bad, eh?

How's your 2011 so far? Mine is getting a lot clearer, just like my skin. Hurray for that!

From the Nook,


  1. Nice my darling :) :) Can't wait to see you again! :)

  2. weee! i love your skin :) mukahng super inlove :D mishu

  3. @ Nikki: Thank you, me too I can't wait! =)

    @ Iamsutil: LOL Jhengky, natawa ko sayo, I look inlove??? =P Mishoo too, see you SOON na ha? Muah!

  4. OMG! your skin looks amazing!! i agree with you!! Kamusta naman ang paglipat natin sa MKT!! :) i can't wait to see you and teeyah again!!

  5. @ Shen: Thank you Shenski! Love the effect nga =) And I'm great moving here, surprisingly, traffic is not as bad as Alabang, grabe! See you soonish! BIG MUAH!

  6. you look so very "reserved" here. Which is not you but I'm liking it! Fresh!!!

  7. @ Keanne: Good to be different once in a while, you should see my lippie now! =)


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