I Thought We Wanted Quality Films?

So tell my why I watched Senior Year in an almost empty cinema?

Despite the hellish traffic in Las Piñas, I was able to reach the cinema counters by 6:30 to catch the 7PM screening of Jerrold Tarog's newest independent digital film offering: Senior Year. II was using an Ensogo voucher, which amusingly, the ticketbooth lady seemed clueless about. I'm not one to blame her, since I think she wasn't oriented enough about the promotion but it's a glitch I'd rather not talk about. I was after all, in a good mood to see a good movie.

Senior Year is a film about the last few months before High School graduation,which will inevitably remind you of your very own, like it or not. The setting is realistic enough, the script was well written and lines were delivered in a no non-sense acting by amateur actors, most of which I learned are real students with no acting experience nor training. The fresh raw talent proved to be one of the film's greatest strengths. It is not pretentious and is made as close to reality as possible. Can you deny losing voice during intramurals? Or crying like your dog died when Juniors beat you in cheer dancing competition? Ah, it's truly a medium of opening some memory pockets in your brain that you haven't visited in a long while. And the fact that it's truthful and is able to reach you, and move you, then the film already succeeded in its purpose.  

A handful of theatre actors played the grown up version of the charaters, which gave viewers a window of what actually can happen after High School life ends. I was just left hungry to see more of the present but that too, added to the film's asset.

On the visual quality, it's actually not bad for a digital film, with an obviously limited budget. It actually has better audio quality (of which I'm very particular about), than some indie films I've seen. Given more budget and support, even just half of what mainstream gets, we could just imagine the lengths it can go.

Then again, when I see rows and rows of empty seats around me, I can't help but feel sorry that those seats could have been people. But vicious sharks and perfect, kissing couples are just too big of a competition.  

Have you seen this film? Is the cinema even 1/4 full? What do you think?

Senior Year is still showing in selected SM Cinemas until next week.

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