Multi-flavored Positivity

Since I did something really big in my life last week, of which totally deserves a separate post, my friend L dragged to the nearest European pub to loosen up and talk about NSFW things. This is after we locked ourselves in a fireproof vault for a good 30 minutes, where I told her about my big girl decision, and almost cried.

It's scaring me a bit, that I, at this age, always go against the tide and all the stereotypes of being a daughter and a girl. First, I refused to take up Nursing, that I intentionally didn't attend my first day and dropped my subjects, which forced my aunt (who is in the registrar's office) to pull some strings and place me back to the class where I want to be: Communications. Second, when things were getting nasty with my mom and dad, I, at age 17, asked demanded my dad to leave the house. We didn't talk for years, but met on the 3rd Christmas eve, and we are the closest up to this day. Now, another huge decision I made, career wise, which deserves some help from Jack Daniels and Cerveza to at least settle in.

But let me keep it to myself for now, and just focus on the feel better dinner I had afterwards.

Jack Daniels + Cheeses + Supportive Friends = Multi-flavored Positivity! =)

English Pub at its finest.

A Cheese Sucker's Discovey: Ploughman's Cheese Plate (Php 375)
Bread, Crackers, Pickled Onion, Ham, Tomato, Apple, Blue & Cheddar Cheese

Cult's Favorite: European Fish & Chips (Php 225)
Tender Fish in Beer Batter, Hand cut Fries, Mashed Peas.

JD's substitute.

If all my decisions are to be followed by a night of no nonsense talk and good food with wise, highly sensitive friends, then maybe, adult things wouldn't be that hard!

Have you done some BIG decisions lately?

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  1. Am happy you shared with me this big girl decision. I know I am in no place to sympathize, coming from a different place but I fully support you and your decision. AND I'M SO HAPPY about it for a lot of reasons :)

    I like that pub, where is it? Let's go sometime!

    Mwah! Love you!

  2. Yes! I've done so many big decisions for the past year! I guess that's really a proof that you are growing up and getting to know the "real world" ganyan talaga, pero God Is good, He does not forget to give us friends :)

  3. I look forward to hearing all about this new step in your life. I just started a new job that is completely in a new direction; I'm really excited/scared/happy/anxious.

  4. @ Teeyah: Thank you for the support sis, ang hirap i-share noon and it's breaking me down sobra, but I'm glad I finally told you na. Feels great to get support amidst the chaos.

    It's just in Filinvest, ganda sya, very grown up place. No nosy neighbors. LOL. I know you'd like it, let's go sometime when you're in the South.

    PS: See you more often! Muah!

    @ AMW: I know, and I admire your strength and faith. =) Thanks for lending me your ears, I didn't know we came from a similar situation, grabe revelation diba? Love yah! =)

    @ 101: Thanks, Jessica. Wow, goodluck to you! It's really scary but I guess that's what makes it more exciting as well. You'll soar high, I swear! =)

  5. As we grow older and wiser there will come a time in our life that we need to think hard and decide on something big. And no matter how big that decision that is...i know you're on the right track and I believe in you. :) Plus you have a lot of great friends to back you up and you have all the love and support. God Bless you Tweenie! :)


  6. everything will be alright sd! and im glad you made that leap. you deserve it :)

    Side note: There's another english pub in makati called bowler. we can have your welcome dinner there:)

    or at bugsy's (which is my personal fave btw) a mafia themed pub!

    see you soonish!

  7. Imma make myself one big adult decision just so I have an excuse to scarf down that food! Wowza! Where is that???

    How are you and buhay-kabibe? Hope things are going your way. :) Will chat you up nga tomorrow!

  8. @ ChinaDoll: Awww Tweenie, thank you naman. You're always supportive! =) I hope I'll prove you right. Hugs!

    @ Adobo: Thank you, SD. I'm also very proud of myself for not being a coward and for accepting this challenge. I'm excited to be kapit-office with you! =)

    @ Dea: It's just in Filinvest mall, diba South girl talaga! =P They have good food and ambiance, perfect for after office drinks. Sige let's chat, I miss you much! =)


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