The Quest for Flawless White Skin Has Begun

...and we are joining!

The best thing about having a BFF? When your BFF is as arte as you. Yes, Tara?
We may look fair, but we ain't flawless. So when we're given the opportunity to try the whole line of Pond's Flawless White products, and document our quest for the perfect glowing skin, we accepted without a blink. After all, we conquered so may things together for years, from heartbreaks, cheerdancing competitions, producing a documentary that almost got us jailed, and yes, even the dreaded PR thesis.

Now at 25, we are comfortable to say we both know what matters most in our lives. We appreciate the good things and learn from the bad ones. But we also know that everything is in life is a lot easier and more fun, if you have real friends, and are most comfortable in your own skin. Literally. Our body is a temple, and our skin is a living testament of how we treat this earthly body. So, there's nothing wrong to try to achieve flawless skin, yes? And it's good to know that hopefully, we can get a little lot of help from these babies.

I'm a bit anxious to embark on this journey. Who wouldn't? I have a trusted beauty regimen which I traded to try the whole line and see its full effects, and my skin is not the friendliest of all. But my curiosity and excitement is overflowing, and I've been known to take risks (both in life or trivial things), so why stop now? I'm teaming up with a trusted woman, whom I have high regards when it comes to self care and beauty. That alone is something to watch out for.

So join me & Tara in our Quest for Flawless White Skin. The Pond's dedicated microsite will be up and running in a few to document it. Be with us for the brighter things to come! 

From the Nook,


  1. Never too soon to start taking care of your skin! I've been using Oil of Olay's Anti-Aging products since I was 18 and within the last year started getting regular facials. Good luck with it!


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