Today, I'm Thankful For...

The last time I posted things I'm grateful for was eons ago. Though I definitely recognize the random things and little surprises I should be glad about, it means so much more when I put it in writing. In this age, documenting everything is pretty much a self obligation, not much should be explained witnessing the proliferation of social networking sites, blogs and online journals. Scarpbooks and photo albums (which I still think are cute BTW), are now in digital forms and just one click away.

So to share the positive vibes I've been feeling this morning, here are just some of the things I'm crazy and happy about the past weeks. 

A Tagaytay weekend getaway with my closest girlfriends. We've been friends for more than a decade, but we have NEVER been to an all girls OOT trip before. Most of our getaways were either school related or with boyfies. So for the first time, we figured we will be taking baby steps and start somewhere near.

My lovely girls. Cath, Me, Tethas, Yhel, Tara, Keanne at ViewPark Hotel, Tagaytay

The best diet disaster plan. I love it that my girlfriends are not diet freaks and they really know how to enjoy food. Because honestly, it's one of the greatest pleasures in life, and I'm not shying away from it. In a span of 36 hours, we dined at some of Tagaytay's finest: Bag of Beans, Buon Giorno and Hawaiian Barbeque. To quote my BFF, "parang bawal na kumain ng di masarap after this!"

Bag of Beans Tagaytay
3650 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West

Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413-2724
Breakfast Sampler. The BEST longganisa ever.

Cheese Omelette. Simple dish that is surprisingly yummy!

The BIDA of the day. Blueberry Cheesecake.
It made all others I've tasted plain and blah.

Buon Giorno
4 Cliff House
Tagaytay City
(046) 483-2102

Grape Shake.
Good enough, though IMO, Cibo's is still better. But the muscle mug is so cute, no?
Gusto ko iuwi. Haha.
New York Pizza is surprisingly filling despite its thin crust!

Shrimp Ravioli
 Hawaiian BBQ
45 Aguinaldo Hi-way
Silang Crossing East
Tagaytay City
Baby Back Ribs is tenderly sinful.

Admittedly, this is the BIDA this time. Baked Potatoes with Creamy Cheese Sauce.
Because I can't live on red meat alone. Fisherman's Catch with butter, sweet sauce and mayo wasabi.
Coconut, Bananas, Mallows, Ice Cream and Sprinkles.

The birth of bulk buying sites. To be honest, I'm a little late when it comes to this one. Not that I'm caving somewhere google virgin, but because I know myself too well. I'm not very good at holding off on great deals;  and it so happened that I'm also aware that no matter how good the deals are, you still stash cash at the end of the day. After a few months of being thrifty (of which I'm proud of), I lifted the ban and started enjoying the deals like most internet crazy people I know. To date, I bought food coupons, yoga classes, cinema tickets and spa treatments. It's  amorning habit to check them! Whoever invented this mode of marketing/saving scheme, is plain genius. And I really want to hug them right now.

Old School still rocks
  Watch out for great deals on Deal Grocer, CashCashPinoy, Buyanihan, Ensogo & MetroDeal. It's good to subscribe to their mailing list, too. There are also various payment options that really make it hassle free. Yay for that! =)

Because it's just too fun to be a girl and dress up. Since my friends and relatives decided to make 2011 their "this is it" year to get married, I also decided that it's time to emancipate myself from wearing my signature black dress because it's really not the appropriate color for such happy celebration of love. I'm starting to experiment with other bold colors now, and I'm starting to substitute black with purple. And here's how a girl gets giddily confused.

Should I go dainty for a change?

Or hug my curves without a care?

Should I skip desserts to fit in this?

Or play a dangerous vixen?

ME: Look oh, this dress is sooo nice! Sayang no more Large size
BF: Kamusta naman ang balakang mo? *grins* (how's that for hips!)
ME: Uhm, okay naman sya.

 Most importantly, while my heart breaks for Japan and my prayers goes to them, I'm equally thankful that my land is spared from the tsunami. Let's hope and pray that no more tragedies like this happen to anywhere else. And for anything's worth, it's a wakeup call to be always prepared, insured - and yes, I'm talking about life insurance, and most of all, appreciative of all the people we love. Tell your family and friends that you love them! Keep in touch with your loved ones, be generous with your help and smile, and never miss an important date in their lives. Life nowadays is so unpredictable, that we should be living our days as if it's our last.

Stay happy and may today be a start of an awesome week! =)

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  1. Bagay mo lahat ng dresses I swear! You have to buy them all! Steer away from black na! you've got the curves to flaunt!

    I'd love to food trip with you and Tara! :D

  2. All of those dress looks good on you but the best are the purple and of course the green dress and your balakang is just fine remember sexy ladies have beautiful hips just like "our hips" hihihi

    Let's continue to pray for everyone's safe tweenie!

  3. i cant help but smile everytime i see our tagaytay pics!!

    ulitin na natin plssss!!

  4. The dresses look great! And I too, also appreciate that my girlfriends aren't diet freaks either!

  5. @AMW: Thanks, Nikki. If I have all the money, I'll buy them all. Hihi. =P Yes, let's dine with the girls soon!

    @ ChinaDoll: Thanks! Tweens talaga tayo hanggang hips! =)

    @ Adobo: We should, super happy ng photos no? =D

    @ Jessica: Thank you, and yes, food trips with GFs are the best, so it's good to have friends who have good appetites like us. =)


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