30 for 30 Update: #2 Treat My Mom International

Late last year, albeit still being 4 years away from 30, I posted my 30 Things for 30 Wonderful Years. I'm working full time, and completing some of the items can cost an arm and a leg, and so I'm taking it slowly and just savor every step. Which reminds me, a number of entries should be checked out already, but each one is special to me, so saying it in passing won't do any justice. So I'm documenting everything per post.

Since my mom's birthday is in two weeks, it reminded me of the wonderful present I (with the help of my brother) gave her two years ago. An all expense paid trip to HongKong.

Sadly, we had a big misunderstanding on my birthday  last year, and it went all the way to her birthday since they're just 5 days apart. I almost moved out of the house and live solo, hence, no celebration. But I'm promising myself to be a good girl this year and not throw a tantrum whatsoever, even when provoked. *wink*

I'm thinking of a celebration for her this year, not as expensive as HK trip though. Any suggestions pretty please? =)

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  1. Wow! That's a really nice present. The best I've ever done for my parents is to take them to DC for a baseball game. You guys look so cute!


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