Attending iBlog7 with a Chocolate Kiss

It's my first time to attend a blogging summit, well 1/4 of it. With a new, happy job in a Public Relations Firm, I have to manage my time more wisely because since 5:01 pm of last Friday, I'm no longer a spoiled MultiNational Company employee. I now commute to work, log in at 9am and to go home at 5pm is already a wild dream. First week and I've gone to 3 major internal meetings, is now preparing for a major pitch and has met big names in the Comms and PR industry - my choice of heaven.  I have to press my chest to prevent my heart from ripping its way out because it is jumping nonstop. I am that excited.

So this morning, I listened to 5 resource speakers talk about certain topics (as per area of expertise). Jayson Biadog on Organizing Online Contests, Ruben Licera Jr. on Effective Social Media Management, Earth Rullan on Blogging with Integrity, Regnard Raquedan on Being the Social Media Champion in your Company and the last and best of the morning session, Carlo Ople (TV 5 Multimedia Head) on his 10 Powerblogging Tips.

Among the speakers, Carlo Ople obviously stood out so I'm dedicating this post to his session. While the other speakers gave valid points on their own topics, some appeared to be a bit nervous, or simply in need of more preparation. Mr. Ople immediately charmed the crowd, and imparted fuss free powerblogging tips, which is note taking worthy. For the complete list, you may visit the iBlog site. But here's a gist for you.

1. Maximize your best blog entries. This can be displayed below your banner, and can be utilized to link to your other posts to maximize the visit.

2. Social Media is more than SHARE button. Sharing via Social Media Tools like FB and Twitter is a start, but the most important thing is CONTENT. Come up with quality, shareable posts and build relationships with your readers by replying to their comments and posts.

3. Be Relevant. Relevant to time, current situations and issues.

4. Don't Think Small. If you think from the start that this is JUST a blog, a hobby, then it will never grow into something financially productive.

5. Learn PowerPoint. PPT is the basic presentation tools you can use to market yourself to potential advertisers. so learn it.

6. Build Content Partnerships. It's expensive to pay for your own meals or gadgets to review. You should build partnerships as long as you have an agreement with your advertisers that you will only post honest opinions about their products. As per Mr. Ople, most companies agree.

7. Go for Direct Advertisers. Using agencies will automatically cut your earnings dramatically.

8. Don't Rely on Advertisements Alone. Banner ads pays very minimal.

9. Become Better Writers. Again, good writing and good content will attract readers and advertisers. Read more and learn to write better.

10. Care. Care for your readers, for your audience, for your advertisers.

Clean right? And he delivered it and answered questions like a breeze, you will actually feel you're in CBTL and just having coffee. Kudos, Carlo!

Though my team needs to go back to office and kick some *ss, we refused to leave without dining here.

I tell you, this made me double sad I didn't study in UP Diliman. But it's never too late, yeah? =)

Did you attendthe iBlog Summit too? What do you think?

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  1. you already know but I still want to reiterate how happy I am for you, now that you got what you really want - career wise!

    Love you sis!

  2. Thank you for joining iBlog7. Glad you enjoyed Carlo's talk. :)

  3. @ Keanne: Thank you sis! =)

    @ Janette: Hi ms. Janette, would have stayed if not for my job. Sayang I didn't catch your talk. Next time perhaps. =) Thanks for arranging the summit as well!

  4. I just started my job as a social media marketing person, so I'm steeped in all of this stuff nowadays. It's all changing so fast, it's tough to stay ahead, but it's exciting too!

  5. @ 101: Good luck on your new job, with your spirit, I know you can do everything you want Jess! =)


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