From an MNC to Falling In Love

So more or less, I can now go to work wearing this.

I've been meaning to share this huge adult thing I had to deal with the past months but don't really know how much is shareable, I don't really want you vomiting on your keyboard . I couldn't agree more with Frances when she stated in one of her posts that readers have so much sh*t in their own lives, they don't really want to know more of others'. Or something along that line. And my blog deserves to be a happy place!

It's not that bad folks. The thing is, I've been working in a damn good, giant company for almost 5 years, with a job that I know so well, I can do it with my eyes closed, and a generous really generous compensation and lots of work life balance to boot. The people are wonderful, too. I can stay there, be gloriously uderemployed (I studied Comms but worked in Legal, err?) and be comfortable my whole life. The problem is, I don't equate comfort with happiness, and money with success. So after passing on almost half a dozen good opportunities in the past, a series of talks with my confidantes, figuring out my career ladder, doing the Math and convincing myself that I can go back to getting much much less and let go of walang habas shopping, I decided to break free from this golden cuffs and jump out of my safe cube. I have to do what I LOVE to do now, lest I want to look back years from now thinking how my pretty tough ass chickened out and let go of my dreams.

So I'm back to where I belong - stress for breakfast PR. I'm getting paid okay, spending far longer hours in the office, and commuting to work now. But on my first week, I've gone to several brainstormings for numerous no-nonsense clients, helped complete a presentation for a potential one, and prepared for a big pitch on Thursday, all in one week. And guess what, I get to wear all the boots and animal prints in my closet, if that's any indication how happy I am! I'm finally free and in love. And right now, that's what really matters the most. More money will come soon after.

Do you love what you do for a living? I hope we all do. That will make this planet a lot more fun! =)

BTW, the gorgeous photo is from HERE.

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  1. I am so proud of you with your career change is good, being scared is good! You know you have someone you can talk to! *points to me* :D

  2. Congrats on the new job! Here's to choosing happiness over security! And you can share your downs with your ups-we don't mind.

  3. That's amazing, most people complain and do nothing about it. You're brave. It's nice to know it's making you happy.

    I like my work, lots of challenges to meet and I get a good feeling out of meeting them. But I have a new boss now who can't leave me alone for 5 minutes so I can actually get some work done. It's frustrating and making for long days. On average, I seem to change jobs every 3-4 years. It might be time again. But I'll give her a chance to settle in first, see it this is just a phase.

  4. Oh, Dang!

    I'm leaving Shell na rin, my last day is 21 April. I'm scared shitless, to be honest! But I'm not happy na talaga here, I'm only here for the pay.

    I'll miss my income, haha! But at least I'll have more time na to do the things I want to do, nauubos ang ganda ko dito sa Shell, haha!

    Good luck to us! May date pa tayo, ha???

  5. @ AMW: Thank you, Nikki! You've been a great help during the "time" I was struggling to do this decision. I love you to bits! =)

    @ 101: Hi Jess, thank you! It's scary, but I have to do what I want, or else I'll end up regretting. I hope you're doing great yourself! =)

    @Ricademus: I personally hate whining people, so I try to complain a lot and just do something about it. It took me a while to leave the comfort zone, but glad I did it! Give some time for the new boss to adjust, or talk to her. She might need some of your wisdom, too. =)

    @ Dea: Ang scary no??? But hey, we only live once. Do what our heart desires. =) And yes, date! I'm very near Solaris, so if you're free and not too stressed out, text me. =) Muah!


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