Gratitude List: The Birthday Girl Edition

Thank you for another awesome year!

My 25th year on earth wasn't exactly rainbows and candies. It was full of new, exciting, sometimes scary things - like a business that didn't quite work the way I wanted. But it's still awesome just the same. I learned a gamut of things about running a business (and the kitchen, and Mathematics, and the Philippine government) and I enjoyed making money as an entrepreneur and not an employee. And at the end of the day, no matter how tough it was, I had the time of my life not many people my age get to experience, and that makes it all worth it. I've made a lot of new friends and business associates and cemented partnership with my all-in-one BF.

Last day as a 25-year old happy girl at CliffHouse, Tagaytay City

So now that I'm one step towards my late 20s era, not that the word late really matters, I'm taking things to new heights. I'm in a position of liberty to do the things I want, and be responsible for it. I can get drunk sometimes, dance when I'm happy, shout loud in the office, earn money, save or spend it, earn again, give it away, buy stupid things, do more stupid things, show some cleavage, get bald, dye my hair blue, swim naked etcetera, etcetera. Whether I do the things I mentioned is now irrelevant, just the thought that I'm able to and I hold responsible for myself is more than enough (more of my to do things in my 30 for 30 list)  and that boils down to something that sounds like FREEDOM. Ah, the F should be my middle name.

So to honor the day sunshine touched my skin, I came up not with a wishlist but a gratitude list in no particluar order.

1. I'm grateful to have a personal kind of faith
2. I'm grateful to have a tightly knit, super cool family
3. I'm grateful to have real friends, I'll never go homeless
4. I'm grateful for my new, funky, fulfilling job!
5. I'm grateful to have a man who loved me & my non-conventional ideas unconditionally, and never nagged me to move in nor get married. Cheers to 7 years and counting!  
6. I'm grateful to have means to travel and just get lost on foreign land for the past 3 years
7. I'm grateful that I can say I love you to my dad
8. I'm grateful that I'm able to forgive with ease
9. I'm grateful to go home to two lovable dogs
10. I'm grateful that my lola is still strong at 80
11. I'm grateful to have the most awesome cousins - my sibs from different parents
12. I'm grateful to have insurance
13. I'm grateful to be healthy
14. I'm grateful to read and write, and blog
15. I'm grateful to have my mom, my only brother, and my new half sister
16. I'm grateful for my natural gift of acceptance and moving on
17. I'm grateful to be a Filipina
18. I'm grateful to be free to speak my mind
19. I'm grateful to I'm able to love
20. I'm grateful for my eye for beauty & art 
21. I'm grateful I can wear heels
22. I'm grateful to be a woman
23. I'm grateful to know I'm a source of strength and joy
24. I'm grateful I'm almost always brave
25. I'm grateful I have a soul
26. I'm grateful someone discovered coffee and chocolates

And if it's not too much, I'd like to add a 27th. I'm stoked to have a new rockin' shoes, and the best giver BF that's ribboned with it. I'm so in love with the chains!

So what did I do yesterday? Well, I worked hard in the office, attended numerous meetings, made client presentations, and went home late with boxes of pizza and a loving family (plus hundreds of greetings online!) waiting for me. God is good!

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  1. girl, you are blessed because you never fail to share what you have. Hoping for more blessings to come this year! again, HBD SD!

  2. Hah! I loved your first paragraph. I used not care much about the government, until I started working, opened my business (clinic) and had to pay taxes! Anyway, Happy birthday Dang!

  3. Happy birthday, BFF! Love you!

  4. When was your birthday? Mine was today (April 26). Happy birthday and here's to an even better year!

  5. @Adobo: Thank you sis! Yes, let's claim the best this year! =)

    @ Crickette: So true, I also didn't know it's that HARD! Now I know why businessmen are so hardworking. Iba talaga when you experience it firsthand. Thank you dearie! =)

    @ Teeyah: Thanks, BFF! Loveyah too!

    @ 101: Oh wow, mine is 25th! Happy birthday, Jess! Cheers and more blessings for us both! Taurus girls rock! =)

  6. Happy Birthday, Dang! Here's to another awesome year! Cheers! :)


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