NeuroEvents: Pond's Unbeaten Party

I was running in heels, towing my bigger than the usual big bag I carry and endured almost an hour of traffic before finally reaching Fiamma. It was where the Pond's Unbeaten Party was held last Tuesday, so no traffic can stop me! It was the culminating event of a month-long challenge that they posted to 9 bloggers and their friends. All the "friends" will have to use the entire line of the Pond's Flawless White while the bloggers document the developments.

First thing I noticed was the excitement that filled the air as the bloggers and guests anticipate the winner of the challenge. No wonder my blogger friends were at the gate when I arrived, chatting to probably calm their nerves and keep cool. My BFF and I were there as part of the campaign but no longer as participants, so we were only nervous for our friends Shen, Jheng, Nikki and Sophie, and not really for ourselves. But still sweating nonetheless! Whew.

The guests were wonderful to watch, as they smile, grace around and chat with familiar faces in the beauty scene. A lot of girls were wearing glam dresses and flirty skirts and sky high shoes! It was a feast of beauty personified.  

There was a backroom for the hosts, models, blogger participants and VIPs, where they served dinner. But most of the participants took this chance to meet and greet, and share stories on their  journey throughout the month-long challenge.

The Beauty Junkee, Martha. Glowing and golden as ever!

Michelle, Earth, Cath and Lace

Cath, Reena and Ginger

Our signature BFF pose. Tara and I conquered another battle together!

The pairs were presented to the guests and judges through a mini fashion show, flaunting adorable dresses from Plains and Prints in hues of red, gray, cream and white. Since I'm a pseudo participant, I have no photos of the actual walk, nor the awarding but here are the list of winners:

TOP 3 
Nikki and Sophie
Jheng and Shen
Ginger and Reena

Ginger and Reena

Nikki and Sophie

Ginger and Reena

The whole gang. Thank you to Az for the photo!

Me, Nikki and Sophie.
Congrats girls for landing on the top 3 and bagging editors' choice!

Pond's muse Rissa Mananquil, beautiful and class as always!

OOTN courtesy of Plains and Prints

Dress: P&P
Shoes: Parisian
Accesories: House of Charms

Sweet endings at Whistlestop. Best Banoffee ever!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the challenge. Ginger and Reena will be featured in the top 3 magazines by June, so watch out for these lovely duo!

Kudos to Pond's Philippines for their commitment to beautify Filipinas and proving that more expensive doesn't always mean better. I can vouch that my skin has improved and my dark acne marks noticeably faded, as you can see in my prior post here.

And thanks and congratulations to Ogilvy (hello, Maan!) for another succesful event.

Have you tried the Pond's Flawless White line? I hope you're "hiyang" as I am. =)

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