OOTD: A Little Girl's Dream Ensemble

Flight stewardess uniform is one of my favorites. Like most girls I know, I dreamed of becoming one when I was younger - and that's primarily because I want what they are wearing, not the profession, just the uniform. Same applies why I also wanted to be a sales lady, an equestrian, a cheer leader, a lifeguard, a chef and a bank manager. But if I were to chose one, this look will top my list.

 They just look so regal in those perfect cut skirts and suits, scarves and fashionable hats. And since there's no way I'll ever get to wear that as my uniform, I told myself, why not start with the scarf?

I feel like an FA (feelingera, sorry naman), except that I don't have their perfect pearlies, nor their 24 and below inch waistlines! =)

Silk White Top: Meg
Scarf: Gift
Slacks: Maldita
Pointed Slingback Shoes (not shown): Charles & Keith

Every girl should own a scarf. It's fashionable and can serve lots of purpose (i.e. accessory, defense from cold, cover ups) - it can save your day!  I have several, but this animal print is my favorite. I use it to liven up a rather plain bag, as a belt, a bandana, what have you. And it looks amazing on plain tops, too! It takes so little to amplify a boring outfit, don't you think? The perks of being a girl! 

Just for Laughs!

Any dream uniform you like? I want to know! Surprise me! =)

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  1. I think I'd like to be a flight attendant to be able to travel..but I know the reality is that its really not that glamorous. While everyone is traveling to exotic locations, I'll take a nap and get back on the plane to head back.

  2. love your scarf sweetie :D hahaha and the last photo...its funny! :)) am still laughing =))

  3. @ 101: That's true, their job is really tough. You have to be away from your loved ones most of the time, even on holiday. =/

    @ The Beauty Addict: Thanks fro visiting my blog, yours is really nice, too! =) And yay for the last photo! Hihi.


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