Product Review: Watson's FOOT EASE Gel Cushion

If given much of a choice, I will be sporting sky high heels 24/7. Why not? High heeled shoes are sophisticated, sexy and can create an illusion of longer legs. Men wouldn't probably understand, but a girl's confidence levels up the moment she steps in her stilettos. Do I hear a loud yes? YES! In my case, I feel more empowered, confident and so ready to take the world by storm. So yes, in my dreams I will be wearing heels even in my sleep. But reality does bite, and it comes in painful blisters, corns and leg cramps. As my dear blogger girlfriends say, "tiis ganda" (if you want to look good, then deal with the pain)

But since comfort should still be the priority, I decided to try the gel cushions that I'm seeing in stores for a while now. I've been meaning to buy the latex ones being sold in Alabang Town Center but it's Php 900 each pair, and if I am to buy for each pair of heels I own, I'll surely go broke. So when I saw Watsons' Foot Ease Gel Cushion sell for Php 99.00 each, I just have to try my luck and see if it works. In case it doesn't, then at least I didn't spend as much.

Getting a preview of the actual product is a must

Transparent Gel Cushions with adhesives

And here are photos of the cushions placed in a pair of 4 inch high heels.

Here's my personal take on the product.

  • Affordable at Php 99.00 per pair
  • Stays put with its strong self adhesive (no sliding, yehey!)
  • Practically invisible
  • Adds comfort to the balls of your feet, especially when standing in heels or walking for long hours
  • Made of plastic so it can be easily cleaned with cloth and alcohol

  • A little too thin and therefore, limited comfort

Overall: For its price, Watsons' version of foot gel cushion is fairly good. But for bigger girls like me, who needs sturdier resistance to match our weight, getting a thicker latex version is more recommended. It's for comfort and overall wellness, so it's okay to spend a little more for it, right?

Do you like high heels, too? How do you balance comfort and vanity? =)

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  1. I can definitely identify with that. When I was in college I used to wear heels all the time, mas sumasakit pa nga paa ko pag naka-flats. But when I started working and became super comfortable with business casual clothing, my feet started to hurt when wearing heels :( Good thing Watson's released a product like this na pala, will try it nga :)

  2. @ Krissy: My feet hurts also when wearing dead flats. I need thick soles at least. Try it, might work for your heels. =)


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