It's as Close as I Can Get

I'm so shy to admit it, but I'll say it nonetheless: I'm a frustrated SCUBA diver.

I'm ashamed not because of the fact that I haven't done it, but because I SHOULD HAVE, but didn't. Last year, my friend M came home from the US and asked me to join her and her BF to a diving trip. We were chatting about it for days, asked about the requirements, budget, which resort in Anilao we'll stay, down to whether I buy or rent a rash guard. But come the day, a weekday that is, I backed out due to work leave issues. If I were M, I killed me.

I comforted myself with trite "work before pleasure" mantra. And while jealously looking at their glorious diving trip photos in Multiply, I looked back, and realized that choosing work that day didn't actually make a model employee, worse, it even left a pit on my gut! Now don't get me wrong, I love working, and I'm career driven most of the time, but that one fateful day could have been the culmination of my decade long dream! My obsession with the waterworld materialized. And I let go of it just like that.

So until my friend M comes back and decides to invite me again (her divemaster holds class in open water!), I have to content myself in doing a less challenging but a sure fun thing to do under water: Helmet Dive - it's as close as I can get for now.  

I found him!

At least I'm lightweight underwater. =P

20+ feet under.

Drowned by fishie-fishie!

As much as I enjoyed helmet diving, I consider this nothing but a prelude to my end goal of SCUBA diving, because frankly, I'm not one to give up on my dreams! =)

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  1. Diving is on my list, too!

    But unahin ko muna magpapayat, baka hindi ako lumubog because all my fats make me buoyant.

    Good luck to us! Where do you plan on trying real diving? Let's go!

  2. girl! so funny, yan din ang una kong ginawa when I went to Ocean Park sa HK, I searched for NEMO talaga nad when I found him, super HAPPY!!! ang cute ng photos!!!

  3. Wow! This is amazing! I wanna try it!

  4. @Crickette: Hi Crix, you should. =) Super worth it, and with a lot of providers, you can haggle pa. =P Just a well fitted top, I had to put on my sando or else I might give a free show underwater! LOL.

  5. Obviously since I'm in the middle of my SCUBA lessons, I know what you're talking about! I have a pretty significant fear of water and while it's "easy" in the pool with only 12 feet of water, open water is going to be...something else. But some people wouldn't even be able to do the helmet dive, so you're getting there!

  6. @ Dea: Loka ka talaga! I want to try sigurp next summer. I have a diver friend coming home *sana* by that time, and she's taking me with them. Anilao is a good start. =)

    @ Nikki: In fairness, Nemo is everywhere. Pinas or Hk. =)Thanks! Mishoo!

    @ 101: If given the resources like time and money right now (especially time off from work!) I'll be jumping on the next SCUBA lessons. Hay. In time! =) Goodluck on your lessons, tell me stories! =)


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