KIMI Comes to Save the Day

I bought my first pair from Kimi Shoes almost two years ago, and I wasn't very kind with it. I wear it most of the time; whenever I need a break from wearing high heels but refuse to look dull. It's my go to shoes when I want a pop of color, or when my nails are too hideous and I'd rather sleep than drive to the nearest salon.

My first pair is in brightest red and I got countless compliments for it. If I were to compute its ROI, I'd say it made me a millionnaire! =)

So after a long while, I stumbled upon their display at Alabang Town Center, spotted a few pairs to try on, and in less than five minutes, I'm a happy girl walking to North Park with new shoes in tow. I've been all cranky the whole week from all the work stress, bills and personal issue on my cancelled trip (thanks to Chedeng), that I realized it's the first time I've smiled this big all week! And all it took was a single pair.

Me: Look Sweetie, new shoes! Yey!
BF: Had I known na yan ang sagot sa toyo mo, sana nung Monday kapa bumili.

Champagne Flats with oversized Buckles
Size 9 (IKR?)

Me: Ate, pakuha ng bigger size please
Saleslady: Anong size nyo ma'am?
BF: Basta yung pang-atleta!
Me: Bwisit.

The verdict? It's my first time to use it today, and unlike my first pair that's made of fabric, its material is synthetic/leatherette so its not as comfortable. But like most shoes, it only needs some "break in" and we're good to go. The buckles are love, and so is the champagne color. It's neutral, classy, and goes nice with shorts, skirts, pants and tights if you're into it. (I'm a firm believer of pairing tights with heels, or at least statement shoes; but it's just a personal theory)

Plus, it's 100% Pinoy made, sells really affordble at Php 550.00 (13 USD), and based from my previous pair, durability is not bad at all. It's really a bang for the buck!

PS a.k.a Break In tip: If you're like me who has sensitive feet, break in your shoes by wearing thick socks and walking around the house with your new shoes for 30 minutes.

Happy to be back in blogging! Cheers!

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  1. wow! i hope this is also available in other malls! its really a good buy sis! :)

  2. A little really does goes a long way with this product. Your review makes me want to try it asap! :)

  3. Love your new shoes! Oh and thanks for the tip. I'll try it!

  4. I want to see photos of the red shoes! I LOVE red accessories. I tend to get compliments anytime I wear bright pink so I make a point to wear it quite often!


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