Gala Night of Cirque Du Soleil's Varekai

I'm a slave of work, a happy one. Last night, while the VIPs dazzled in their fasyon outfits, I and the rest of the team made sure they're well taken care of. Typhoon Falcon may have joined us, but it didn't ruin the magical, festive mood of the most awaited circus show of the year: VAREKAI!

Here are just some personal snaps of the event since I don't like to preempt the official photos.

Photo wall at the VIP entrance

Exclusive Tapis Rogue

I want to bring him home
Some things are meant to be perfect together

I rememeber the scene from Indecent Proposal where Demi pocketed the chocolates! =)

The most interesting one, lobster custard with caviar.

Courtesy of Manila Hotel

Haggard after standing for 4 hours. My smile is already frozen!

One for the team!

Are you watching Varekai? Are you as excited as I am? =)

From the Nook,


  1. im familiar with that smile :D thats the tiis ganda smile hehehe :D

    love the dress very flattering :)

  2. That looks like it was a great night. I've only seen "Ka" (in Las Vegas) of the various Cirque Du Soleil shows.

  3. I'm pretty sure you've enjoyed it!:) Cirque Du Soleil creates good shows! I've seen " Love" by Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas, and It was a great show!:)


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