Raining Happiness, Makeup and Boracay

If I were to base it from the love drops I received lately, then I guess I must have been a good girl - or just a lucky ass. My brother sent us some usual goods, but sitting neatly at the bottom is a blush from MAC with my name on it! MAC isn't exactly cheap here, and since he's a loving brother to her only sib, I'll take the chance and abuse him by sending a list next time! =)

MAC satin blush in Well-dressed

The other Saturday, while on the road to the fabulous NUFFAMILY DAY and while singing belting 80s hits, my adorable BFF whipped out my pasalubong from her recent Canada trip (You should hear her stories HERE!). And from the colors of the eye quad, I believe she already imagined me wearing it while lining up the counter. That's what happens when you're inseparable since 13!

The Color of Hope from L'oreal

Icing on top of the cake is a 3 days, 2 nights vacation in the posh Tides Resort Boracay, courtesy of my new company. Originally, the outing should be in Guam (because we handle their tourism campaign here), then in Bangkok. But some of the staff had problems getting or renewing passports, especially our helps (yup, all the maintenance, security and messengers are included which is really nice of them to do), so we settled for Boracay instead. I would have jumped from joy if it was Guam, but missing Bangkok is really just fine. I've been there a few months ago and shopping there will surely cost me an arm and a leg, so ending up in Boracay is some sort of damage control for my savings. Also, sun didn't shine on me last month, so it's worth visiting again, especially now that it's for free. Yay!

And because we're a bunch of hyper active, thrill junkies, we even came up with a countdown board and EXTREME activity mood boards. How can patintero or bike be so extreme you ask? Only when you throw fatally competitive, creative, agency people. Expect buwis buhay! =)

I signed up for extreme paraw, extreme flying fish, extreme patintero and extreme sunset yoga.
                If you look closely, there are bloody people on the ground, extreme nga eh!

It's also my first time to stay in Tides Resort, but the photos from their website are good enough to put me into vacation mode already!

Best of all, I'm meeting, or better yet, partying with one of my dearest blogger friend, Jheng of IAMBRIGITTE! I bet we can stay under the sun sipping cocktails and laughing all afternoon because we like the same kind of humor and are technically loca.

I may be wearing out myself too much lately, and had to cut back on my expenses and shopping, but the rewards, I can say, is overwhelming. Thus explains my tweet the other day.

The coming days will be so much brighter, I'll need shades! =)

Let's say this everyday, shall we?

From the Nook,


  1. You're welcome and am really glad you liked it, BFF! :)

  2. wow, your company's so cool! i'll be waiting your after post!!! have fun!

  3. very excited for your upcoming trip! you're so lucky!

  4. Super like the drawings. And, of course, the beach vacay :) (And the makeup!)

  5. Thank you girls for all the well wishes, I had the time of my life! Definitely one of the best (wildest?) rips ever. Will post about it for sure.

    PS: Mariel, cutie the drawings no? Makes me feel younger! =)

    Have a great week!

  6. Love the make up...and enjoy your vacay:)


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