Skin and Hair Care Secrets, Anyone?

I'm into organics, though far from being a purist. With all the nice products in the market, I don't think I ever will be. I'm always a curious cat in testing new products in the market, especially for skin care.

But last weekend, I decided to revisit my organic stash and treat myself to an all natural home spa, or maybe I'm just making excuses and keeping myself busy, because going to a spa is out of budget until the 15th! LOL. Or until after my Boracay trip this weekend. I know it's company sponsored but I still need moolah for activities, shopping, and extra alcohol should my favorites be not included in the all you can list.

So for this weekend, I treated my skin with Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack and my hair and scalp with organic cold processed VCO from Santa Maria.

Both photos from respective websites

I'm not sure if it's even legal to share these photos because I really think I look hideous here, but I'm posting it anyway for the sake of showing all the oil sucked up from my skin. Can you see how active my oil glands are? It's breeding ground for pimples!

The clay is dark, moss green upon application. Apply at least two coats avoiding eyes and mouth area.
I then massaged  organic VCO to my hair and scalp and wrapped it in a disposable shower cap.

It then dries up hard with traces of oil showing up. Look at that oil mine!

The Himalaya Herbals Neem Face pack has been a staple in my weekly or bi-monthly regimen. I make it a point to use facial masks at least twice a month. The most noticeable results from doing this is the tighter feel of facial skin and waaay lesser oil. As for the pimple preventing capabilities, I'm not one to vouch for it, since I'm maintaining a separate regimen for my acne prone skin.

Like most girls with long hair, I'm also prone to hair fall. My hairfall got so bad that early this year, I decided to switch back to my natural hair color. That is after bleaching my hair, and damaging it in the process, for 5 straight years. I also stopped using harsh shampoos and stick to gentler formulas which I only use every other day. Best thing is when I used organic VCO to condition my hair and scalp. It may smell weird, but the effects are amazing. Less hair fall, less flakes and healthy, shiny hair! I'm not exaggerating. Whenever people ask me how I maintain super long and beautiful (I hope!) hair, I tell them my secret with hopes that more people will discover the goodness of natural substances like VCO - preferably the organic ones.

PS: Organic VCO works wonders with pet hair, too!

At windy Tagaytay Cliffhouse. My hair swayed nicely, not so bad, eh?

Any skin and hair care secrets? Learning is always a good thing. Share yours, please! =)

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  1. Good thing that the Himalaya herbals work greats to you..I tried dr shampoo to bad not good for me...ang tigas sa buhok...grh! so I'm still in love with L'oreal paris shampoo.

  2. Awesome post sis! your hair does look very healthy! :)

  3. @ SunnyToast: I haven't tried their shampoo, takot ako to try because of hair fall. Thanks for the warning. =) The mask works great, except for the very strong smell. =/

    @Pastelbluejacket: Thank you, dearie! =D Happy Tuesday to you!


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