I got feverish over Kylie Minogue!!!

Last night was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life; a culmination of many episodes of my roleplaying days where wearing my mom's dresses and highheels while dancing to MTVs were a common sight. Kylie Minogue, just like our lola Madonna, is a big chunk of those good old days!

Thousands of fans lined up in Araneta Coliseum to see her perform live, and of course, dance! (I heard Anne Curtis took the MRT to get there in time! Kaloka!) As per K, what's the point of livin' if you don't want to dance, right?

When I want something so bad, I always joke about it saying "I need to get it, nilalagnat ako!."  And I want to watch the Aphrodite Tour soooo bad, that lo and behold, I was literally feverish after a few days of fighting flu. But I NEED TO BE THERE. It's just one of the things I can't forgive myself to miss! And so I didn't.

The whole concert was like a big, disco party! Glitters and gold all around, with one of the most fantastic productions I've ever seen. It's like Kylie meets Varekai!

Feast before the concert courtesy of Gumbo, Gateway Mall

With one of my dearest friend, L.
Opening act; my heart was pounding in excitement before she appears in a...kabibe!

One of her many costumes, I told you it was glitzy everywhere!

My second favorite outfit, black ball gown made of feathers with matching hat and net!
I want to be married wearing this!

Looking for an Angel

Colorful production, diba?

Finale is my favorite, All the Lovers!
And can you see the semi-naked men suspended on air? Whew!

A golden end to a fantastic night!

I love you, Kylie! We all do! Come back to Manila anytime! :)

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  1. Bongga! i heard about the gold dusts at mega sigaw daw si Soapy!!! :)


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