Making Big Waves

As much as I want to sound all geeky and serious, I was actually just talking about my hair. :)

I have this illusion of waking up with long, wavy, full bodied hair where owning a comb is just an option and no longer necessary. But with super straight hair, curling iron ignorance (and I'm not a fan of heat near my face) and some really big fear of committing to permanent curls - not to mention how hard it is to achieve big, natural curls compared to small, frizzy ones - I resorted to setting instead.

But in a busy day week, all I can do really is to put my hair in a high bun. I twist my towel dried, hip long hair in the morning, and let it down at the end of the day. Alas, I get my dream hair! I tried applying some curling mousse from V05 and the waves and curls improved to its bouncy glory.

Do you like big waves, too? Share me your secrets to achieving the perfect curls please. Beauty is always a good topic. All girls have their own exciting stories!

Happy weekend, loves! I'm starting my weekend with a business seminar by John Calub. The bronze goddess Martha invited me to attend, and I can't resist her sexy energy (hello, sis!). Well, I want to be rich, both with experience and moolah of course. :p

Much Love,


  1. Grabe, fan talaga ako ng hair mo! I love how thick it is. Mine is stick straight but super thin, therefore, flat. Lucky for you that all you need is a towel to get your hair looking like that!

  2. gunduh ng hair mo sis! I love the way your hair moves pa! (parang music lang) :)

    Sis, never do anything chemical on your hair ha? except color! no straigthening or what nots :)

  3. I used to love using curling iron to get that big and wavy curls but it takes a lot of time so I decided to have a digiperm it is soo much better than the regular cold wave tama ba yun yung tawag sa traditional way of pagkulot right? lols So there I am loving it tweenie and madalang nalang ako mag suklay twice a day nalang after bath and before sleeping hahaha!

  4. Gosh your hair is beautiful! So long and thick!

  5. @ Dea: Thank you Dea dear, ang cute mo. My hair is also flat, so I usually don't shampoo everyday. That way, it builds up volume. And yup, this trick. ;)

    @ AMW: Thanks Nikki love! Yes, ma'am, I won't have it treated chemically po. :)

    @ Chinadoll: Good for you Tweenie! Bagay sayo. :)

    @ Jessica: Thank you, J. But it's not very thick when I don't set it.:)


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