Wonderful Discovery: Celeteque DermoScience Acne Spot Corrector Gel

I've been very kind to myself and refused to lift a finger during the 4-day weekend here in the Philippines. Of course 4 days to camp on bed is too long for me, so I still went out and did groceries, nail treatments, attended my uncle's birthday party and tried my luck in Resorts World Casino with my Friday Night Club (though we did it on a Monday), but I made sure that all activities were done without stress and in my own sweet time. Long weekends are never long enough - agree? But I'm happy, well-rested and all set to go back to work again. :)

On to this wonderful discovery I'm talking about. Since it's been a crazy and busy and wonderfully productive week, all I wanted to do come the long weekend was to get a massage and sleep. That's exactly what I did after the very early TV guesting last Saturday, not knowing that two giant zits will greet me upon waking up.

It's good that I just attended the Celeteque DermoScience event in SM Makati, and it's fortunate that they included a Celeteque Dermo Science Acne Solutions Spot Corrector Gel (among others, thank you!) in the press kit. I immediately applied the gel, took a photo and slept some more. It promises to lessen the swelling and apperance of pimples in 24 hours, and to my surprise, it significantly healed my zits in less than a day! I decided to take more photos to document the progress but please be warned, as it looks a bit off.

Celeteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Spot Corrector Gel with Hydroxy Acid. 

Upon application

After 24 hours

After 36 hours

Did you see how plump and swelly the pimples were on the first photo? I applied it again this morning (fourth day), and my zits are flat and gone just in time for the first day of work. What's left though are dark marks, which is where the Celeteque DermoScience Lightening line will be put to test. I'm optimistic their dark spot corrector will also work! :)

BTW, here are some photos of the event.

Bloggers and beauty enthusiasts are present to know more about the DermoScience line.
Every product is science-based, backed up by research and lab tests, which is very comforting to know.

Friendly and knowledgeable assitants are there to answer our questions regarding their products on display.
They also have free derma consultation in the venue. :)

Trial counter where guests can get a feel of the DermoScience line 

PS: This is an unpaid post. The product was given for free as part of the press kit, but all comments are solely based from personal experience of the author - me. :)

Welcome back to work, loves! Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. wow, sana tuloy tuloy na ang pag work! i find some products work at a certain extent lang :) See you girl!

  2. @AMW: Me too, after some time, my skin somehow gets immuned. I hope not this time, or at least matagal sana before masanay! :) Good night, Nikki love! Muah!

  3. @AMW: Me too, after some time, my skin somehow gets immuned. I hope not this time, or at least matagal sana before masanay! :) Good night, Nikki love! Muah!

  4. I wanna try this... :( I have pimples on my forehead. Thanks for sharing this! ^__^

  5. @ Morbidfrank: Hi Maggie, thanks for visiting my blog. It's always nice to meet new people. :) I checked your blog and followed you. See you around! :)

    PS: Hope this can help clear your pimples, it's effective and not really expensive so worth a try. But saw your photos and you're flawless kaya so little help needed lang. :)

  6. Thanks Dang. Do you know How much this is? Mukha lang ako flawless dahil sa makeup pero hindi talaga. :) Hihi

  7. If I remember it right it's around Php 160-180/tube, it won't go over Php 200. :) And yay for the wonder of makeup for us girls! :)

  8. Ms. Dang: Can you make a more in depth review on the gel moisturizer from the same line, please :-)



  9. i tried their acne spot correction gel but it does't work that fast for me, what i love is their spot correction gel, it's really works compared to other bands, i always get 3 to 5 new acne every week, i can't get rid of acne and imagine how many marks they will leave in few months, but thanks to their spot gel correction acne marks lightened visibly..


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