More Than The Eyes Can See -- U.B.E. with my blogger GFs

I started blogging some three years ago, for the sheer pleasure of writing and a wicked attempt to document my life somewhere my parents won't see. I started with writing journal entries in word document and kept them locked in my desktop PC. Independence from them had its own complications you know, but keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself (and eventually to web logs) doesn't change the fact that I love them dearly.

Forward to today, blogging has taken a whole new meaning in my life. It has become more than a hobby, a breaktime entertainment or a mood upper. It's an outlet for me to express my ideas, communicate my thoughts (big and small), shout and plead to the universe, learn new things, and document happenings - no matter how trivial sometimes - in a seemingly overspeeding life of a young woman. But more importantly, blogging led me to meet new people, associates and friends. Having conversations with "virtual" friends also made me more sensitive towards my offline relationships, learning how much I should value the people I'm blessed to have.

To my surprise, online friendships slowly leveled up to personal meetings, and eventually, tangible friendships with some of the most sensible, accomplished women I know. It's funny and weird when you meet for the first time and obviously know so much about each other, just like meeting a character who jumps out from your favorite novel. Either that, or you're each other's stalkers.

And as a bonus, my real life BFF (yay, that kinda sounds like we're in showbiz!), who's also the one behind my movement to blogspot, is with me in building this wonderful relationships with our blogger girlfriends.

Folks, fresh from our Ultimate Bonding Experience (there I said it!) from Tagaytay, meet the lovely girls of Team E.

Dang, Nikki, Sophie, Shen, Phoebe, Jheng & Tara

Gorgeous photo taken by Fo-weh-be! (Phoebe)
Cliffhouse, Tagaytay

We may be blogging about health, wellness, beauty and makeup, but we are no Barbie Dolls when we eat!  

Bawal kiyeme, attack that steak! :)
Hawaiian BBQ, Tagaytay

It's also nice to bring back college days when Tara used to drive me home. It's my turn to return the favor and move my lazy driver's ass and take the wheel.
Road trip with my bestfriend, singing along 90s (IT"S THE BEST!) songs and giggling everytime we remember our silly years together. Music carries a pocket full of memories, right? 
 It's one of the most fun weekends I had in months; the simple luxury of having a weekend getaway with a brand spankin' new set of girlfriends is worth all my hardwork. Because at this day and time, knowing people who are genuinely nice online and offline is something not too common.

Happy midweek, loves!

PS: We missed the bunso of Team E, Jamie!

From the Nook,


  1. Dangski!

    This seemed like a wonderful weekend with the girls. You and Tara are sooo cute and inspiring. I suddenly missed my college friends.


    See you soon dear.


  2. Hello Janey, it was really fun! Hope we can get together soon, also Madz. :) Yay to Tara and I, we've been inseparable. But believe me, we had our share of catfights, too! LOL. :)



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