Travel Lusting with Paris Hilton Passport Collection

Ever since I decided to leave my comfort zone and jump in for a wild ride to follow my heart (on my 6th month now), I knew traveling has to take the backseat for a while. I used to go on trips at least thrice a year, but now that I’m a happy and creative slave and no longer an employee with a fat paycheck tied to her desk and virtual library 9am-5pm (I used to manage a multinational company’s legal and corporate files), every trip has to be planned and saved for in advance.

But, it’s never wrong to daydream – which exactly is the inspiration behind the new fragrance collection of the jet setting style icon Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton Passport.

The fragrance trio represents Paris’s most loved places PARIS, TOKYO and SOUTH BEACH. Each fragrance is an exciting way to get on-board and share the romance and glamour of Paris’s favorite destinations. Every bottle aims to capture the unique spirit of the cities they represent.

From the makers of Paris Hilton’s Passport:

Paris is enchanting and innocently flirty. It’s perfect for a shopping spree with your BFF as it is for a romantic evening lit by the glow of the Eiffel Tower.

South Beach is blonde and beautiful. The fragrance is totally bikini-ready! It’s all about playful days and magical nights, fresh and seductive.

Tokyo is cool and cute, sweetly radiant and sparkling with energy.

 My personal notes:

  • - The packaging, which features different anime-inspired image of Paris Hilton, no matter how playful and cute, is really just too young for my taste. Paris Hilton fans and younger generations (teenagers to early twenties) will likely be mesmerized and add them to their Paris Hilton collectibles.

  • PARIS is sweet, peachy and musky. This fragrance is more appropriate for night use, think of dance night outs with your girlfriends or an intimate dinner with your beau. This is my least favorite among the trio, as it is too sweet and warm for my taste, and I observed little staining on my shirt, so be careful and just spray on skin.

  • TOKYO truly is truly fresh and radiant! I smell hints of musk but overall is a perfect blend of citrus and floral scents that lasts at least half a day. This is an appropriate fragrance in a casual day at school or office. Not too tame but never overpowering. This is I think, the “youngest” scent among the three.

  • SOUTH BEACH, hands down, is the best among the three! I asked some colleagues to try them and South Beach emerged as the crowd favorite. It’s fresh and floral, and perfect for sunny mornings be it on the beach or not. It’s energetic and uplifted my mood with every spray. I’m so addicted with it, I want to buy my own bottle! Lasting power is okay and no staining. J

- The price is reasonable; each 100 ml bottle costs only Php 2,600.
- Paris Passport is now available in major malls nationwide. I saw promos and freebies in some fragrance counters in Makati area, so best to check them out soon.

To find out more about different tones of fragrance and how to know if one really matches you, check my previous post on Rihanna Reb’l Fleur. Clicky Here! :)

Thank you again to Andi Flores of Prestige Brands Philippines for trusting me to review their new products. For questions or more information, you may contact me via email or comment section or email her directly at

Happy Sunday morning, universe!

PS: This is an unpaid post. All comments are based solely from the author’s personal observations.

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  1. the packaging are really cute, I'm into anime so I love the designs. :)

    btw, Tweenie I have an award for can check it out at:

    Enjoy sis! ♥hugs♥

  2. Hi Tweenie, thank you for the award, will check it out. Yup, the packaging is love if you're into anime. :)


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