Who Says You Can't?

Many girls are not very comfortable wearing bold, red lipstick. Why not, the stigma attached to it is still very prevalent in a conservative society like mine. Wearing red lips connotes so many things; from coy,  to wild to "easy A", to plain stupid labels like, excuse my word, puta. (sex worker)

But if you're like me who already learned not to give a piss on what people will say, then congratulations, I'm sure you also love that liberating, empowering feeling everytime you swipe your favorite red lippie! 

MAC's Russian Red is a crowd favorite. There's also Revlon Fire and Ice and more from NARS but if you want an affordable alternative, try the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Summer Sunset. It's creamy and has a hint of shimmer but no glitters - thank goodness!

I have full lips, so I normally put concealer and powder then line my lips a little thinner than normal, and voila! Keep in mind that red lips work best with 'bare' face, so your puckers can take centerstage and not end up like a party clown. Think of Snow White, you get the drift. :)

Gwen Stefani wearing MAC Russian Red

                                             Celebrities who wear MAC Russian Red

See that I drew my lips thinner?
 I intentionally made it obvious for this purpose.

Charm Travel Pro's lip brush is heaven sent! :)

It's a great day today, I've received some really good news, and am extremely grateful. I hope you're having a great Friday, too. :)

Happw weekend, loves!

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  1. Nice!!! alam mo super keri mo red lips!!! You're right about what other people may say pero we should be on our "WHO CARES" mode! Kasi nga..we live only once! Just do the things that makes us happy! Di naman nakakasakit sa tao ang lipstick..well not unless nasa motor yung lalaki at napatingin sayo! AYAN! LAGOT!

  2. I'm actually going to use MAC Russian Red on my wedding day! My mom and even Abet aren't too sold on the idea, but heller, ako ang masusunod, noh! :P And yes, bare face. My dress is kinda 40-ish so it will work naman. I guess they're just not used to a red-lipped bride.

  3. @ AMW: Haha, you're always funny Nikki! Hayaan mong masilaw sa red lips yung nakamotor. :P And yup, we only live once, when will we do the things we love pa diba? :) Muah!

    @ Dea: Wow, I can imagine you in your vintage inspired wedding gown! Super bagay ang red lips. Excited for you dear! :)

  4. I actually never wear lipstick, or at least very rarely, because I've never found a shade that looked natural. So I've always been doubly impressed with anyone that could wear bold colors.


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