My Version Of Pink is as Hot & Rockin'

It's a fact that most girls like love pink. I like to blame the parents who automatically buy everything pink right after the ultrasound result shows a pipi. Normal baby girls are clad in pink, with pink pillows, blankets and mittens. It's a personal theory that this stereotyping leads to majority of the female population liking this color to adulthood. My mom is as guilty but not quite successful in making me sweet and ladylike. (Hello, mama!)

There are always a few exceptions on this pink rule, and I'm one of them. I'm not trying to be unique, and my blog will probably tell you that I like hot pink, because it's the only one I can tolerate. Baby pink, bubble gum pink, old rose, and everything else pink just look blah on me. As early as first grade, I rejected anything pink on my wardrobe. I was very much in love with green in Elementary, the yellow green of Crayola to be exact. In early highschool, and probably because I dated a rockstar wannabe, I favored darker colors. My cabinet  contained piles and piles of blacks, midnight blues and gunmetals. I also tried finding black lipstick, but settled for plum. I think I made my parents worry a bit that I'm into witchcraft and pentagrams! I only started adding colors to my wardrobe in early college, pairing my usual blacks with whites and greens. I remember my college friend Y (she's 30+ during that time) told me that when I get older, pink will grow on me. I guess she's right, because I started wearing hot pink after college!

At present, I've learned to appreciate and mixmatch colors not only in my wardrobe but in almost anything. From furnitures, to gadgets, bedsheets, curtains, artwork, shoes, and of course, clothes. I don't think baby pink will ever grow on me though. I favor red instead. It's my favorite mood upper. It's classy just like black, looks great on my fair skin, and exudes an endeniable sexy appeal. And that explains why I have a red car, red digital camera, red blowdryer, red makeup brushes, four pairs of red shoes, several red bags and shoes. Even my nails are usually red, and just recently, I joined the red head club (after a dye hiatus for six months) once again.

Red is definitely my pink. And that makes me a pink girl, after all. :)

Back to red head

Caronia's Tea Rose + Face Shop's Top Coat

My red loot from my dear kuya - Thanks, Brando!
Red quilted bag from MNG
Twisted Peppermint & Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath & Body Works
Wild Berry from Marks & Spencer.

Something to lessen my work stress.
Delivered on my office door. Thank you, Sweetie! :)

So tell me, what's your version of pink?

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  1. Oh wow, that hair!!! So fierce!

    And yes, you're a red girl more than a pink girl! You're bold and strong!

  2. @ Dea: I believe so, red is really my pink. If I get married, I want to be in red! :) Thanks Dea. Lapit na your big day! :)

    @ Between Bites: Hi Janey, yes to redhead. No regrets! :)


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